Most emergency/survival kits include a small assortment of hooks, line and perhaps a few swivels and weights – but no fishing pole. Quite understandable since it’s assumed you’ll simply cut a branch off and use it like a cane pole.  There are, however, several ways to catch fish without the need of a rod and reel
Have you found bass but then struggled to catch them like I have?  I can never understand this.  Shouldn’t a wild animal take advantage of every feeding opportunity?  The pet dogs I’ve had in my life sure took advantage.  They ate everything I threw their way!  I guess domesticated dogs must be different from wild
I love fishing clear water and here’s why – I find it extremely exciting to target bass that I can spot with my eyeballs.  I can’t help but lose my mind and raise adrenaline when I happen across a decent-sized bass, unsuspecting my intentions. Not only for the excitement, but using eyesight can make for
Before you set your alarm clock for 4:00am for your next fishing trip, you should read this. One of the most misrepresented concepts in bass fishing is the notion that the bass feed best at daybreak. This is so wrong, a majority of the time! Indeed, there are situations where this is true, but often
It’s that time of year again when the temperature drops and the lakes begin freezing over. It might sound miserable if you’re from the south, but the cold weather means ice fishing will be here soon. If you’re new to ice fishing and looking to get on the ice for the first time this season,
Harvesting fish from beneath the frozen lakes and rivers of the Arctic/sub-arctic regions was a critical part of the subsistence lifestyle for most north-country native Americans. There were typically three methods for harvesting fish: traps/nets, spearing from “dark house”- like tents or simply kneeling down beside a hole and dropping a hand line down through
When January hits the snow country, what bass fishing addict doesn’t daydream about escaping to some awesome bass factory of the South? As a touring bass professional from Minnesota, I have had the opportunity to experience some primo bass fishing tournaments during the southern, winter months. In some cases, the fishing had been amazing, while