The North Face x Gucci Fashion Saga Continues … on Pokémon Go


Yes, The North Face and Gucci collab is a reality. And now, it’s an augmented reality too.

Just a few short weeks ago, The North Face announced its unlikely partnership with Gucci for a new apparel collection. Now, the duo is teaming up with another surprising source: Pokémon Go. Yes, you can now rock the latest fashion (before it even hits stores) on your avatar in the game.

the north face x gucci in pokemon go

The app that took the world by storm a few years ago has a simple premise: wander around different geo-tagged locations (in real life) and search for hidden Pokémon. The intent is to encourage kids and users of all ages to use the app to explore the real world.

As Gucci wrote in its partnership announcement with The North Face, “This [is] a collaboration that celebrates the spirit of exploration.” Now, it seems, the next step is encouraging that exploration in an augmented-reality monster hunt.

The reactions to the collaboration so far have been mostly positive, but also skeptical and confused. So far, we think it’s strange but still great: It gets people talking, and it hopefully gets people outside.

The North Face x Gucci

pokemon go the north face gucci
Photo credit: Pokémon Go

The North Face wrote online that the collection takes inspiration from some ’70s designs, which is evident in the sunshine-soaked, free-spirited teaser video set to a Creedence Clearwater song.

Key pieces in the collection include tees, a puffy, a boldly logoed tent, a jumpsuit, a knee-length puffy skirt, backpacks, gender-neutral Doc Martens-style boots, and more.

And now, while your search for Magicarp or Charmeleon or Snorlax, your Pokémon persona can rock the latest — and maybe most unique — fashion of the season.

While The North Face and Gucci teased the collection in December, you won’t find it online until Jan. 22.

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