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These are tumultuous times we live in. There is broad civil unrest and don’t get me started on politics. This has led many of us to put serious thought into how to protect our valuables. It seems like you can’t turn on the news anymore without hearing about some sort of crime, riot or general craziness that has many of us feeling unsettled. Most of us are well into preparing our homes and our valuables to get us through these times, but if you’re needing some ideas on what to do, we’re here to help. There are several ways to hide your guns and valuables, so roll up those sleeves and bare those arms. It’s time to get to work.

Feeling safe

While it can work to make a hidden panel and stash stuff in your walls, floors or attic, there are some better options. One of the more popular ways to feel safe with your valuables is with an actual safe. A good, heavy-duty safe that holds a lot of stuff is a good way to hide your valuables. Make sure to get one that is fire rated as well. Fire ratings differ from safe to safe, but the overall idea remains – keeping things safe from loss to fire. A safe is also hard to steal, especially if you have it anchored properly. For one thing, they are extremely heavy, and if you’ve ever helped install one, you know what I’m talking about. Once it is bolted to the floor, it’s darn-near impossible to get one out of your house.

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1. Winchester TS-36 – A Good Start

The biggest question most safe buyers ask themselves is – how big of a safe do I need? That is always a good question when it comes to storing valuables. Let’s take a look at one safe – the Winchester TS-36 – for example. This safe has a fire rating of 45 minutes at 1,400 degrees. It weighs 409 pounds and has eight one-inch steel locking bolts to hold the door shut. This safe configures to your needs with adjustable shelves and door pockets. It is sized for 36 long guns. But does that mean you can actually fit 36 rifles and shotguns in the safe? Think of a H&R single-shot shotgun as reference when they say it’ll hold 36. Start adding in scopes and other stuff and space gets used up pretty quick. This safe will still hold a lot, so don’t be afraid of going for it. The biggest thing when thinking of space is always leave room for more valuables.

Pros/Holds more than just guns

Cons/36 doesn’t really mean 36

Bottom Line/A great starter safe

2. Cannon Safe Valley Forge Series 64-Gun – SMOKING Hot Deal!!

How do I hide a safe?

Some folks like to display their safes and I get it. It’s big and expensive, and they do look pretty sweet. Others like to make it harder to find. Even a big safe, like the Cannon Safe Valley Forge Series 64-Gun safe, can be hidden if you try hard enough. (BTW, there is a sweet deal on that safe right now that your stimulus check would cover.) Once you have the safe mounted securely in your house, some wood, paint and a few bits of hardware, and it’ll magically disappear.

Pros/Big safe that holds up to 64 guns and more

Cons/None – buy this safe now!

Bottom Line/Get enough safe to hold all your valuables!

3. Sealable Drum – Prepper’s Delight

If you haven’t noticed, the price of sealable drums has gone through the roof thanks to supply and demand. You may ask why, and the answer is pretty simple – People are afraid of the unknown. If there is one thing we can all take away from 2020 it’s that we really can’t plan ahead for what’s to come very well because there are things we just can’t foresee. This is making a lot of us do things like look for ways to store water, food and more. We used to joke some about the so-called “doomsday preppers” but it sure makes a lot more sense now. Another use for these types of containers is to hide your valuables. Think about it. You can seal them inside a water-tight container and keep them anywhere you see fit. Heck, you can even bury them in the backyard inside one of these drums. Not to mention, you can also store food and water, which might become more valuable than you think some day.

Pros/Versatile and water-tight

Cons/The prices are going up

Bottom Line/Store more than just food or water

4. Hidden Compartments – Hard to Find

One of the more economical ways to stash your valuables is to make them hard to find. These kinds of concealment opportunities won’t protect your valuables from fire, but thieves would have a much harder time finding them in your house. One of the lesser expensive ones we’ve found comes from the Sportsman’s Guide. It is a fake vent that you mount inside your wall. It has a slide vent cover that can conceal small-sized valuables while also making them easily accessible should you need it.

Pros/Hide your valuables and keep them accessible

Cons/Not kid safe

Bottom Line/An inexpensive way to hide small things

5. 55-Gallon Sealable Drum – More Space

If you need more space, there is a decent one on Amazon you should look at. The Eagle 55-gallon drum has a locking lid and will hold a lot of stuff. I have a buddy that stores all his ammo in one, so if you’re wondering about the ammo shortage, you can feel free to blame him, I know I do.

Pros/More sealable space

Cons/These aren’t food-grade, so that rules that out

Bottom Line/Bigger can be better

6. Dehumidifier – Rust is the Enemy!

If your valuables are subject to rust or damage from humidity, you need a small dehumidifier that can fit in your safe, drum, cabinet or whatever. Hornady makes a sweet one that fits just about everywhere and is rechargeable. Iteliminates humidity in enclosed spaces up to 333 cubic feet. Its quick-connect bracket makes mounting unit easy in gun safes, closets, or pantries. This dehumidifier contains no harmful chemicals and is child, pet, and home safe. It is extremely easy to recharge- simply plug it in to dry out crystals and recharge unit for renewed effectiveness.

Pros/Keeps rust and damage away

Cons/You’ll wish you already had one once you try it

Bottom Line/It can’t keep politicians away, but rust…

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