Michigan Restaurant Boasts New Food Delivery Service for Ice Fishermen



2020 was a nightmare year for just about everyone, but the restaurant industry in particular took some pretty big hits during mandated lock-down orders and other impeding restrictions put into place across several states.

In order to keep their doors open, restaurant owners have had to think on their feet, as well as out of the box to keep serving customers. That’s exactly what this Michigan restaurant owner has done, by starting an “On-ice meal delivery service,” which will deliver hot meals to ice fishermen directly to their shanties. Not a bad gig!

Jennifer Bailey, owner of the Michigan-based restaurant Bailey’s Place, announced the restaurant’s latest service in a Facebook post.

She wrote, “Hey [fishermen!!!!] We are now offering ice delivery starting tomorrow so if you’re cold and hungry out there on that ice need a hot cup of coffee or a nice warm meal call 989 202-4722”

The delivery service is offered to any anglers fishing on Houghton Lake. The menu is loaded with both breakfast and lunch options, and there’s even some fish options available in case the bite is slow that day and you just need to satisfy a fish n’ chips craving. I have to imagine snacking on fried fish while standing on a frozen lake pairs very well together!

According to a local news station, Bailey said staff members from the restaurant are prepared to deliver food orders directly to customer’s ice shanties.

“Basically, all we need to know is the color of your shanty, if it has a name, if it has a number, and your nearest cross street. Then we just go out on the ice on the little four-wheeler and deliver your hot food,” said Bailey.

And several people in the area already seem to be responding well to the restaurant’s latest tactic. 38 people have chimed in on the comments section under the post to show their support for Bailey’s Place, and many appear eager to use the new service. One customer wrote, “Whoa! Even to the shanty! This is awesome!!” Another customer wrote, “Wonderful and appreciated idea! Will have to give it a try!” Another prospecting angler left a comment saying, “Can’t wait to use this, THIS WEEKEND!!!”

Without getting into the weeds about these restrictions forcing restaurants to remain closed, you have to appreciate the creativity and sheer determination of these restaurant owners who are pulling out all the stops in order to keep their businesses afloat. Obviously, it would just be better if they didn’t have to do all of this, but it’s good to see the idea receiving a warm welcome from the community.

Now good luck to all you anglers out there. Tight lines!

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