Video: Wisconsin Man Pushes Stranded Deer Off Frozen Lake



There are two kinds of people in this world; the doers and the dreamers, and it’s not hard to tell which of the two Mr. Gil Lancour of Wisconsin Rapids would be considered as when you hear about this story.

Gil was apparently returning home one afternoon recently, when he discovered a doe struggling to get to her feet on some frozen water near his house. He sprang into action to help the deer by running home to grab a rope or a leash of some kind, and to call a friend for help. As you’ll see in the video in a moment, it looks like Gil also grabbed a pair of ice cleats to wear on the ice, which really came in handy here! This sort of occurrence is somewhat common this time of year, and it can easily turn into a dicey situation for the person trying to corral the deer if they aren’t careful.

Gil quickly realized the leash/rope plan he devised in his head wasn’t going to work out, so he had to resort to alternative measures. Luckily, the deer was exhausted from struggling on the ice for so long, which allowed Gil to slide her across the ice to shore until she could get to her feet.

In the meantime, the friend he called to help stood by and watched/whipped out his phone and recorded video of the rescue.

“She was stuck out in the middle of the pond and couldn’t stand up, luckily Gil showed up!” a Facebook post reads.

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