Watch: Idaho Wolf Pack Filmed Running Along Snowy Highway



A woman in Idaho shared a rare encounter with a wolf pack online recently, and the video has since gone viral.

Mikesell Clegg, 26, was driving to work the morning after Christmas when she noticed a group of animals standing on and along the roadway ahead of her.

“I thought it was a herd of elk because that’s a little more common,” Clegg said according to

Upon slowing down, however, it quickly became clear Clegg was actually seeing a pack of wolves traversing the same snowy interstate road she was using. So she slowed down in order to capture the stunning moment on video.

“They were just in the middle of the road and walking together as a pack,” she said. “I’d assume that because it had just snowed the roads were probably a little easier to travel because they were plowed.”

In the now-viral Facebook clip, the wolves begin to split-up as Clegg approaches, ducking under a fence that runs alongside the road and making a b-line into the wintery landscape.

“I was on my way to work this morning and saw one of the COOLEST things I have ever seen in my life! A whole pack of wolves!” Clegg wrote on Facebook.

“I don’t think very many people in their lives can say that they’ve seen a pack of wolves,” Clegg said. “I think wolves are beautiful, so it was a really special experience. I can’t describe it.. it’s something I know was a once-in-a-lifetime moment.”

Being an Idaho native, Clegg says she still has only laid eyes on two wolves her entire life. And each time the animal was running across the road fleeing from wildfire.

Wolves are not uncommon to Idaho, but they’re mostly active during the night and typically try to keep a distance from humans.

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