Michigan Restaurant Invites Customers to ‘Shanty Land’ for Outdoor Winter Dining



Thousands of restaurants and bars in Michigan have been fighting tooth and nail to keep their doors open while the state’s restrictions on indoor dining remain in effect, but one restaurant in western Michigan has developed a new twist for serving their customers outdoors.

According to FOX 17, the family behind the Sand Bar and Grill in Middleville, Michigan had been formulating a plan on how to expand their outdoor dining accommodations, which led to the creation of – drum roll..

‘Shanty Land’

That’s right, the restaurant is currently inviting anyone to bring their ice shanties, ground blinds or tents out to their parking lot for service, where they can safely enjoy their meals outdoors and next to a giant fireplace. Sounds like a brilliant idea to me!

“When we had to close everything down we noticed that people just started coming out here, having drinks, then it turned into them eating their to-go orders out here,” owner Kim Campbell reportedly told FOX 17. “So we thought, how can we make this into a winter lodge-type place, where people can actually get together again and have dinner out, without worrying about breaking the rules or being exposed to something.”

And if you don’t have your own shanty, the restaurant says they have a few on site that are available to rent.

Tables, chairs, blankets and bluetooth speakers are provided by Sand Bar and Grill, you might just want to bring a Mr. Buddy portable heater with you!

So, if you have a long day out on the ice with no fish to show for it, haul your setup over to ‘Shanty Land’  and  enjoy a hot meal from the comfort of your ice shanty. Just remember to save a few of those cold beverages you were enjoying out on the lake!

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