Ultralight Backpacking Food | 7 features you might be overlooking

Are you a member of the rapidly growing ultralight backpacking community? You’ve probably researched gear for hours and hours BUT have you given that much thought to the food you’re carrying? In this video, Aaron shares 7 features of ultralight backpacking food to keep in mind while preparing for your next adventure. Aaron has packed 35,000 calories in a bear can by keeping these features in mind. You, too, can reduce your food weight while maximizing nutrition.

If you’re new to our channel, Aaron is an ultralight long-distance backpacking registered dietitian, backpacking food cookbook author, and van lifer. Her career is dedicated to helping backpackers, like you, prepare delicious meals and better prepare for adventures.

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You can find her on…
Website: https://backcountryfoodie.com
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Have questions about meal planning for your next backpacking trip?
Contact Aaron at aaron@backcountryfoodie.com

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