Dry Dog Kennel Mats® Launches New Custom Fitting Kennel Mat for Active Dog Owners



Earlier this week, Dry Dog Kennel Mats announced the launch of their custom-molded Kennel Mat created to meet the specific needs of active dog owners and their canine counterparts. Built with an innovative, purpose-driven design, the Dry Dog Kennel Mat is comfortable and safe for dogs, water-resistant, durable and easy to clean.

The mats are constructed with nylon-laminated neoprene and thermoplastic elastomer alloy to provide enhanced durability, odor and water resistance, and  a comfortable surface for dogs to rest on.

The mats also feature grooves and runoff gullies that allow water, dirt and other waste to fall below the dog, while allowing airflow to circulate beneath it. This clever design aids in wet dogs drying off faster while staying cool and comfortable in the meantime. You can also tell right away that it will make cleaning the mats quick and easy, too!

“After days in the field with my yellow lab, I noticed that putting him in a kennel with blankets as padding created problems,” said Ben Bohline, founder and owner of Dry Dog Kennel Mats. “If he was slightly wet or muddy, the blankets would end up stinky and filthy. More importantly, it was unsafe, as the padding would shift out from under him and put him at risk of sliding around. I had to find something better. So, I was inspired to bring a new product to the  market.”

The timing of Bohline’s discovery coincided with the birth of his child and paternity leave. He dedicated that free time, and newfound sleepless nights, to designing a product that would meet his standards while keeping his dog comfortable and safe. After several iterations and significant testing, the Dry Dog Kennel Mat was developed.

I’m super excited about the Dry Dog Kennel Mat because like Ben, I found my yellow lab would also slide around in her kennel during rides in my truck, making her and myself super uneasy about it. But those days are over!

When purchasing a Dry Dog Kennel Mat, users are able to select a custom fitting mold based on the brand and size of the kennel they run for their dog. A proper custom fit secures the mat in place to provide added safety by helping prevent dogs from slipping or sliding, especially when traveling.

The Dry Dog Kennels Mats are currently offered in custom molds for Ruff Land Kennels and  Petmate Kennels, with more options coming soon – stay tuned!

Retail prices range from $74.99 to $79.99, depending on kennel size. To learn more or to make a purchase visit, www.drydogkennelmats.com, or follow Dry Dog Kennel Mats on Instagram and Facebook.

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