Watch: Suburban Buck Fight Spills Over Into Backyard



Who doesn’t love a good heavyweight fight with two alphas going toe to toe with each other? (And I’m not talking about that stinker of a boxing match between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.) These two mature bucks apparently had an explosive disagreement that spilled over into the backyard of a suburban neighborhood, and luckily somebody was home to capture it on video.

During the annual whitetail rut, many bucks engage in these testosterone-fueled battles as a way of determining who’s head honcho of the woods, but rarely does one of this intensity take place in the backyard of a residential neighborhood!

The bucks slam their antlers together with as much force as they can generate, and crash right into a shed in the corner of the yard. You can hear the deer breathing heavy and snorting at each other as they duke it out for nearly two-minutes, but there’s no telling how long they were fighting for before the camera started rolling.

Kaitlyn Haugrud, the Facebook user who posted the video, wrote in the description; “Havin a good scrap this afternoon, tearing up the parents backyard in the process…”

Something tells me the parents did NOT appreciate this video as much as we did..

Eventually the deer run towards the front yard and out of sight of the camera, so there’s a chance the fight picked back up again. Judging by how these two were going at it, I’d say they still had a little fight left in them.

Unfortunately, many of these battles between two mature bucks – especially of their size – often go until one of them gives up, or until death.

Have you had a first row seat to a buck fight like this before?

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