Bold Whitetail Buck Picks Fight With Heavyweight Bull



How has your hunting been this year? Hopefully you’re experiencing some good luck, because this next video pretty much sums up how my 2020 deer season has gone so far.

The highs and lows of a deer season are something special. Each year seems to be a roller coaster of emotions, but I like to try and take something away from every season – You either win, or you learn, right?

Well, this year’s lesson – for me anyway – is starting to become glaringly obvious. See, I’ve not had such good luck in the WOODS this year, however I have had some odd encounters with deer outside of my deer blind. The first took place right in my very front yard; I had just gotten off the phone with a buddy who was doing his best to psych me up for the evening hunt, when I looked out my front window and saw a mature urban buck staring back at me with a large doe beside him.

As you might imagine, I threw my camouflage on quite a bit faster that afternoon!

The second strange encounter came after yet another morning sit with no deer walking by my stand. I had made it back to my truck, loaded up and was driving back home by some farms that are in the area. I was coming to a stop sign and saw something unusual in the corner of my eye, and long behold were two deer messing with the horses in the farm across the road. One appeared to be chasing them around in circles as a form of entertainment, while the other was getting a better vantage point on top of a HUGE gravel pile next to the barn.

I just sat there and laughed to myself for a moment, and thought, “yeah, that seems about right for 2020.”

Have you been there before? The point where you’re so beaten down all you can do is laugh at yourself. I’ve been there for about three weeks now, but I digress..

That all leads to this video, which has quickly grown in popularity since Facebook user Hunter Weber posted it just a couple of days ago. It shows a rutted up whitetail buck charged up with testosterone trading blows with a large Angus bull who is clearly two or three weight classes above him.

The video’s description says this encounter took place somewhere in central Illinois, which is chock-full of agriculture and crème de la crème whitetail deer habitat.

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