Winter Survival Camping with 4 yr old in Alaska – Primitive Survival Shelter

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Hey guys see that little pair of eyeballs sticking out from underneath those reindeer pelts that’s. My four-year-old son Nathan, and today we’re in the Alaskan bush in the dead of winter, and we’re doing another extreme survival.

Camping video. We’re gonna see. If we can’t survive out here in the winter, with no tent no heaters, no sleeping bags, you ready Nathan yeah, you are, but first we ‘ Ve got to get off the beaten path and to do that is gonna take a lot of brute strength and legwork.

Well, it’s 10:30 in the morning, and we just saw the Sun Rise. We’re gonna need every ounce of sunlight. We can to get our shelter built and get enough firewood for the night. It’s. Gon na be cold. Real cold just saw some wolf tracks and wolf scat.

Hopefully, that won’t be an issue, but if it is, we’re prepared, [, Music, ], [ Laughter ], all right. I think this is where we’re gonna make our campsite right here. Let’s, get cracking, we need to build a shelter and a fire quickly.

When you’re moving around in snowshoeing and swinging an axe, you build up a sweat, and that is not good. You cannot get sweaty. So you’re stripping off layers when you’re too hot, putting layers on when you’re too cold, and only for a few minutes.

The whole day will you be just right: ah, stay hydrated, and that means keeping liquid water handy. All this water on me is no good. Unless it’s wet so keep a bottle of water inside your snow pants. So it stays warm there.

You go neat you feeling warmer good [, Music, ], [, Music ]. Well, I’m, almost done with my shelter, but it looks like my camping buddies, taking a little nap. This is a blast match it’s, basically Ferris rod, steel.

I’m having a little trouble starting my fire, so I’m gonna go old-school, building a fire that cold is a lot like building a fire in the rain. The wood is still cold and caked with ice that you needed to frost it before it alight.

So you kind of need to pile it up. High and fan it frequently Nathan woke up and we need to get this boy some food. Oh that looks good. Don’t feel bear your hands, feel better Nathan, [, Music ], the moths camp.

There’s moths, but only in this summer here you go [ Music ]. I need at least one luxury for camping trip. Let’s. Do this can’t fire, easy Mac? I did good as mom yeah. Thank you, you enjoying your mac and cheese yeah.

All right. I get our beds made in tonight. We’re gonna be sleeping on reindeer hides, but look what we got for dessert chocolate for those of you out there with young daughters. You will recognize these pillows as spend the reindeer from the cartoon frozen, which I thought would be really appropriate.

Since we’re sleeping on reindeer hides in the middle of winter, got one sleeping bag and that’s for Nathan. It taking a four-year-old out negative temperatures, no jokes, so I have a negative 30 mummy bag here.

This is a very expensive bag. My gloves they took them off if they got frozen. Anyone who’s done a lot of winter. Camping has also burned up a lot of gloves and boots and socks. So we’re. Just gonna hang these right here and hopefully they will not catch fire like that, and then like that, and that puts a bullet in it daytime wolf.

Will it’s? Only six o’clock, so we got a little time here, just to sit by the fire and kind of dry off, and then we’re, going to go to sleep and hopefully it ‘ Ll stay warm all right. We got all of our firewood stacked up ready for tonight, and it’s a little bit of a trick.

You want to stack your wood around the fire so that it dries out and thaws out before it’s time. To put it on the fire, but of course you don’t want it too close, because if your wood pile catches fire, you could wake up to a giant bonfire in your face.

Well, the fire and the shelter are doing a great job. Nice and warm in front a little chilly on the back, but not bad. It’ll, probably get down into the negative numbers tonight and I think we’ll, be just fine as long as we can keep this fire stoked.

You don’t want to sleep in your sleeping bag. Just sleep under the caribou hide all right. What’s about 10:00 p.m. and Nathan is a bug in a rug between two caribou hi. I’m. Doing pretty good. I’m. Staying warm my back’s a little cold, but it’s, not a big deal, but mostly I’m just on the lumpy especie ground.

There’s. This weird bump it’s kind of hard to find a good comfortable position. Well, it’s 1:30 in the morning, and I’ve discovered. We have a little bit of a fuel problem, but you can see the two logs I was using as a heat reflector, the fire cut through them and I folded them in on each other.

Those are pretty chunky logs, so those should last a while, but other than that I’ve, got two big logs and half-a-dozen small logs and that’s it all of that wood i cut was gone. I mean that was like four or five spruce trees worth well good morning.

It’s a little before 7:00 a.m. and I still have some fire here. So hopefully we can make the fuel lasts a little bit longer cook. Some breakfast, maybe just maybe last – is to Sun. Up around two hours ago, Nathan woke up and asked me to put him in the sleeping bag, but other than that he slept underneath a reindeer hide the whole night I’m, just gonna kind of quietly make some breakfast, and so, when he Wakes up you’re now or so something warm deep.

Yeah there you go. The eggs froze solid, that’s cold weather camp before we got the eggs thawing out down there. So hopefully I ‘ Ll have AIDS here soon. Well, I finished breakfast and Nathan, didn’t, stir it all and he’s sleeping in and that’s great.

But why still have some fuel? I think I might start cooking lunch. I’m gonna make some beef stew just have that ready. I brought some beef stock with me. You can see it’s partially frozen, which is pretty impressive, considering how much salts in there time to add the seasonings got a little garlic there.

Let’s, see oh got some frozen basil got. Some bay leaves some oregano, oh yeah, that looks and smells perfect. Well, it’s. Nine o’clock and I ‘ Ve got two surprises. One Nathan’s still asleep and two.

I still have some wood left over. Oh, we’re gonna make it to sunrise, but we’re gonna. Let Nathan sleep for just a little bit more here then I’m gonna wake him up. We got today what I really enjoy sleeping on those reindeer hides.

They are an amazing insulator. In my opinion, the worst part of winter camping is getting out of a warm sleeping bag and putting on cold boots and clothes. So just lay his boots and hung up his jacket right there by the fire.

So hopefully they’ll, be toasty warm when he gets up everybody. You slept in a lot Nathan. Do you want some hot chocolate and breakfast here’s? Some bacon, mmm bacon. I know they don’t teach kids cursive in school anymore, the gosh darn it my kids are learning.

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