Duct Tape Hammock Tent Camping + Rabbit Catch & Cook (Duct Tape Survival Shelter Challenge)


Luke and tom here with the outdoor boys youtube channel, and today we’re, going to make a survival shelter out of duct tape. Yeah wait, wait for me: [ Music, ], so [, Music, ], [, Music, ], the key to making duct tape.

Cordage is you want to keep twisting it until it untwists itself? What do you think of that? I think it’s. Awesome it’s, private swap you want at least one twist per inch, and this is 60 feet of cordage, so that’s approximately 720 inches.

So you want to twist this about 720 times. If i’m, really hauling butt, i can do about 80 rotations per minute. So to do 620 rotations takes about 10 minutes. Stuff is very stretchy all right. There’s, one down, hey becca uh! Oh, it just broke my line.

Luckily, i got some duct tape to fix that it doesn’t have to be exact all right. I’m. Turning three rolls of duct tape into one giant thick cord and it’s. A lot more work, pull that as hard as you can all right jumped up here.

That goes so. We have already used up 14 rolls of duct tape, approximately 630 yards of tape day two well, i’ve, been taping over my head for two hours and my shoulders are killing or i got the roof done, but it’s saggy, Because the weight of the tape is pulling the walls inward, which causes it to bow in the middle, so to fix that i am going to try to come up with some sort of support system holy mackerel.

I just used up my 36 roll of duct tape. I thought three dozen was gonna be enough, so i’m gonna go run to the store and pick this up in a little bit 12. More rolls of duct tape, [ Applause ]! Well, i just went through another case of duct tape that makes 48 rolls so far.

I need to go to the hardware store you guys excited to camp in this thing, all right, nate you want inside yeah. Oh, it supports my leg. I’m. Six foot four: at about 250 pounds, i busted a hole in this, but that’s.

Okay, we can fix it with duct tape, [ Applause ], so all right threw in some extra reinforcing. Let’s, see if uh what happens now? Oh, this is more than a little scary. I’m, so tired, [, Music ], you guys are you know what let’s roll with this yeah.

You know this is better, find out how much weight. What do you think babe? Great? Actually jacob that’s, that what do you guys think of the tent yeah yeah yeah and the change grade? Well guys now that we’ve got the tent done.

We need to do a couple other things. We need to see whether we can build a fire using duct tape, whether we can catch our food using duct tape and whether we can build sleeping bags using duct tape. So far, we’ve used 56 rolls of duct tape.

Tomorrow’s, gonna be a busier day, though we ‘ Ve got the shelter up. Now it’s time to get some food using duct tape. There you go. We got some extra fine, duct tape cordage. Well, we’re, going to try to snare some small game using duct tape and first we got to find the right spot here.

We have a ravine. You ‘ Ve got this log crossing the ravine anytime. You have a log going across a ravine or a stream there’s, going to be a lot of foot traffic across that log. Small animals, like rabbits and weasels and squirrels, are going to be coming across that log rather than anywhere else, and if you know where they’re going to be, you can know where to set your snare.

So what we’ve got here is we ‘ Ve got a little snare so that anything that tries to go across this log has to put its head through this hole and once they go through and they get their head stuck, they start thrashing around and they go fall off the log or jump off the Log then, then they’re hung well, i’m gonna hunt around and set up some more snares and go back to camp, and we’re gonna go and check these in just a little bit there.

We go uh. The trap worked just like a charm. Now, of course, we have videotaped how successful this trap is, but we can ‘ T show it to you, because we’d, be demonetized by youtube. So, yes, the trap worked perfectly all right.

We skinned and gutted the rabbit that we totally caught in our duct tape, snare time to build a fire and get cooking there. We go. He’s on there, nice and tight rock salt on him. Little pepper, a lot of pepper when you’re hunting and trapping in a survival situation like this, you have to use every bit of the animal to survive.

So i’m gonna use. This rabbit hide and a few others which i totally caught in my duct tape. Snare, let’s, see how hands down. This is the most comfortable survival shelter i’ve ever built. The furline blanket is actually really comfy and nice hey.

You want to wrap up the the blanket. What do you think tom is that comfy, but it smells sons all right. We could ski for coffee ready to try some rabbit. Yes, there’s, a lot of pepperoni yeah. It tastes like a hot dog to me.

Yeah bite right out of the rabbit, pretend you’re, a wolf, hey jake! You want to try it yeah here. You, like the rabbit well got food and shelter taken care of, but we’ve got a little bit of a rainstorm coming tonight and uh.

We’re gonna put this thing to the test. Well, i’m just sitting here with a belly full of rabbit, watching the sunset and burning up about 60 duct tape, cardboard centers this will. This will keep me pretty warm.

Well, it’s been fun sitting by the fire, but it’s late and it’s time to go into bed and it’s. Just gonna be me tonight: it’s, not really too comfortable trying to fit multiple people in this thing. So i’m, just gonna sleep in it for tonight, and maybe the boys will get to play in it a little bit more later.

But anyway, i’m gonna go hit. The sack and i’m gonna go hop in here. Let’s, see that’ll work. I need a place to put my phone and stuff there. We go, got a cell phone pocket and a place to put my glasses.

It’s, a little nippy out but uh. I’m gonna go ahead and turn off the lights, and i will see you guys in the morning. Well, it’s about two in the morning that rain i was expecting just started. I’m, actually pretty cozy, [ Applause ].

Oh, we got ourselves a leak. We got ourselves more than a few leaks. My hammock is filling up with water tarp on top is leaking, but the one on the bottom is not, and so i have got a a growing puddle of water.

Ah, so this is turning into a bathtub, you have to know [ Music ]. You know the worst part about waking up in a pool of water. Oh, i’ve got to pee so badly. That was interesting. Oh well, it looks like there’s.

A lot of droplets here around the edges, where water’s coming around the tarp and then there’s, leaks yeah. Look at that! There is a pretty good puddle of water. Here i don ‘ T really want to do any repairs in the rain, and tomorrow morning i’m, getting on a plane with nathan and we’re going to new mexico to do some desert, camping and fishing.

And then we come back and we go straight to north carolina for a week, so it’s, going to be two weeks until i’m back here and that’s. Gon na be a lot of leaves a lot of rain. Well, we’ll, see what happens well, it’s been two weeks, but i’m back, but it actually looks like it’s in pretty good shape.

Well, it’s still holding my weight. Well, gosh darn it this thing’s still in really good shape, despite being rained on for two weeks. I think we need to do some modifications. You need modifications, hey jacob.

What do you think is that fun yeah you lift it up high and then walk walk it over here, [, Music ]. I got ta do something to give a nice healthy pitch to this roof, and i got to fill up these gaps in the wall.

So wind and water can’t get into the tent okay. There’s been a little accident. I took a little bit of a misstep and stepped on the leg of my 300 carbon fiber tripod. Oh all, right there we go good as new [, Music ], so [ Music ] do [ Music ].

Well guys. I think we’re done with all the improvements, no more wind and rain coming in through the sides. Now, and already i can tell it’s a lot warmer, i’m starting to break out a little bit of a sweat all right.

I think we’re ready to camp. In this thing i’m. Just going to clean up the campsite and get my gear well guys, i was planning on camping in here, but we had a bit of a setback. A big rainstorm came in and it caused the roof to get so heavy that we had a lot of structural failure.

This whole corner busted loose from the tree. It tore a hole where the stick is supporting the peak we’ve got a partial failure here as well, and it put a lot of stress on the roof which also caused some tears here.

Worst of all, it is full of water all right. Let that drain, so you got some water in the sides too. Oh i just didn’t, do a good enough job constructing the roof. Obviously, the floor has no problem holding water, so the duct tape can do it, but i wasn’t as careful building the roof.

As i was the floor because i was worried about the floor, dumping me on my butt in the middle of the night. This is really kind of sending me back to the drawing board. I got ta think about what to do about this, but it needs to dry out before i can do anything well guys.

I’ve, been mowing this over for a week now, and i think there’s, no helping it. If i want this thing to be watertight, i’ve got to cut the top and sides off and redo the roof and walls from scratch. But i’m already five weeks and 96 rolls of duct tape deep into this project, and this video is already 20 minutes long.

So i don’t know if i can do that in this video, but i think this project could benefit from a fresh pair of eyes. So i’d, like to challenge zachary fowler, with the youtube channel fowler’s. Makery and mischief i want to challenge zach to see if he can build an awesome, duct tape, shelter.

But if you guys want to see me, try again to build something, bigger, better and watertight, make sure to click like subscribe and share this video and i’ll – make sure to give this another crack. But thanks for watching guys and don’t forget to click subscribe to the outdoor boys youtube channel.

We put out new videos every saturday morning see you, then. If you like, this video don’t forget to check out the outdoor boys youtube channel, where we have hundreds of videos. Just like this, and don’t forget to click subscribe, so you can see other great videos every saturday morning and hit that bell button.

You’ll. Get notifications thanks for watching. Let me get you down all right hold very

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