3 DAYS solo survival (NO FOOD, NO WATER, NO SHELTER) on an island with only a POCKET KNIFE.. EP 29


Oh no man: what’s going on doggies and welcome to a three-day solo survival challenge? This is legit. I ‘ Ve got no food, no water, no shelter for the next. Three days. All i’ve got in my bag. Here is a pocket knife and a handful of batteries, so this is all we ‘

Ve got for the next three days, absolutely nothing in that bag, pocket knife, very simple, basic knife, and in this bag it’s, just full of batteries. For the camera, that’s, pretty much all we’ve got we & # 39; ve got eight batteries and a pocket knife, so that’s.

All we’ve got for the next three days, so i’m just going to walk along this tideline pick up as much stuff that will come in handy over the next three days: old lighters, bits of string, whatever we can find And then i’m, going to start building a shelter, probably just up here, where it’s a little bit higher, just in case that tide comes up really high overnight.

I’ve, already found myself an odd pair of thongs. There’s, no shortage of thongs there’s. One there. There’s one there. There’s. Well, there’s, thongs absolutely washed up everywhere. Here you can probably make a mattress out of the thongs there’s, another one another one, so so so all right.

So i’m halfway through building our house for the next three days and i’ll. Give you guys a look. This is the outside of the big bad girl inside it’s, actually quite spacious, but down there. My feet will go up this end.

My head will go it’s pretty tall. Actually, i can easily sit there during the heat of the day, so i’m, not building it in the shade there in here it’s, full of mosquitoes and bugs. So i thought, if i bring it out of the out off of that pandanus palm a little bit.

I can have it here at night. There might be a bit of a breeze, keep the mosquitoes off me and um that’s, the that’s. The idea anyway, and i’m, not going to elevate myself off the ground. I’m, going to sleep on the sand.

It’s, not cold. I’m, not too worried about snakes or bugs here. So i’m literally just going to sleep straight on the sand, use my bag as a pillow. I’ll, keep working on this for a little bit and i’m, going to go for a walk, see if we can find something to drink or some water, because i’m getting bloody thirsty.

Now we’ve also found this magic piece of bamboo washed up. We don’t want the bamboo, but what we want we want. This blue string super strong. What i’m, going to do with this string, i’m, going to bind every single one of these onto the actual frame itself, so it’s super strong.

If it gets windy at night it’s. Going to be strong, it’s, going to stay there and we ‘ Ve already got our first injury for the day sliced my finger open with a knife anyway, so i’m, going to tie all these together and then we’ll start putting a face on this [ Music ] all right.

So i’ve just finished the last pie, downs on the shelter and it’s. Looking pretty good, it is sturdy as sturdy can be like there is no wind going to move this, no matter how windy it gets all right. So this is a chair that tire that i found up the coast there, that’s a chair, so we’re gonna sit on there and inside our shelter it’s, looking pretty good, it’s, Like look how sturdy this is man, i am shaking the [ __ ] out of that, and it’s, not moving, so it’s, pretty good.

There’s, a lot of room in here that’s. Where we’ll be sleeping for the next couple of nights. Look at it! It’s like a big cocoon. If it rains, probably gonna, give get a little bit wet. But if it rains that’s, a good thing because we can catch water tonight, so this is my little camping chair here’s.

Our hut, i’m gonna start a fire here. Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow i don’t know we’ll, see how we go finding water but um. This is us pretty happy with it. So we’ll punch up the coast. We’re gonna see.

If we can find something to drink. We’ve just done a big walk along this whole tideline. No luck really lots of old coconuts, but they’re, not going to be good for us. There’s, so many shoes. I think that’s, going to be an upgrade.

Let’s. Have a oh yeah! Look at that all right. We’ll, upgrade to that see if we can upgrade the left, but there’s. Lots of lots of stuff in here that’s. Useful, like this is perfect for firewood. There’s, lighters there’s; another old coconut there there’s.

Many lighters like this, but i don’t have the flints inside. I need that flint there’s, another shitty old coconut. Here, oh this, one’s, not so old, but i mean it’s yeah. We can take this one actually, so the problem with this coconut.

This is this: is an old coconut like it’s been off the tree for so long. It’s going to have that thick meat, which i mean i’ll smash that thick meat, but for drinking there’s, not much there’s, not a lot in there, but i mean that’s the first one we found so far that’s got a little bit in it.

The rest up. There are dry and cracked and [ __ ]. So all right, so we ‘ Ve got another coconut down here. So what i’m noticing is obviously the tide line’s really high up against here and there’s, a lot of good stuff that’s wedged in the rocks.

It’s, wedged in the little cracks like so many shoes, so many lighters there’s bottles. I can use there’s fishing line, not so much fishing line, but like really thin rope there’s. A lot of useful stuff here, but i’m gonna get this coconut out of the coconut down there.

So there’s, another coconut it’s; um it’s, probably not even a mouthful of water. In this one either, but right now i’ll, take whatever i can find slowly getting it open. I don’t know if you guys can see that, but that’s, probably two mouthfuls of liquid inside there, oh wow that’s.

That is really rewarding. The only thing that i can’t do. Is waste it like? I just did then here’s, that coconut meat, that’s, probably what we’re gonna be having for dinner. Just like that, it’s gone all right.

We got there in the end that took a lot longer than the first one. That was a mission, but we got our second one. I didn’t break it, so this is gonna come home. This is gonna, come back to our little bungalow thing that we made, and this is gonna, be our backup drink.

I can tell right now that i’m gonna drink that second coconut tonight, like that. First one did nothing. It didn’t. Even my mouth’s super dry. I thought i upgraded my shoe, but i actually downgraded because the end of this here fills up with sand and there’s.

Nowhere for it to go so i’m on the hunt for another shoe and uh things are good. All right, we’ve, just found a massive upgrade. It’s for the wrong foot. But look at this! You are joking and an upgrade for this.

One. Look at this thing missing the toe hole, but now i’ve got sandals man. I’m, going to be walking out of here with a brand new pair of bloody knifes. At the end of this mission, these are actually really comfortable, and if you’re wondering why i’m, like so frothed on finding shoes, it’s, because i’ve done this sort of stuff before and I didn’t wear shoes and i cut my feet and by the last day i had infected dirty like i was in the salt water coming out getting reef cuts and trust me.

You want to protect your feet when you’re. Doing some sort of a mission like this, i could barely walk my way out of where i was so. The first thing i always do is i try to find a pair of shoes. I’ve, eaten half of this coconut on the walk back.

That is absolutely bloody, delicious. Also that’s. The first thing i’ve eaten all day, so tastes really good. I’ll drink this one. As soon as i wake up and then tomorrow we really really have to find some water.

I’m, not too fussed about food like i can eat all of that, and then this is obviously going to be the same. So i think we ‘ Ve got plenty of plenty of coconut made. We’ve got small crabs on the rocks over there.

I’m gonna use my dry bag as a pillow, and i’m. I’m gonna sleep. Hopefully i can have a good night’s. Sleep tomorrow is gonna be a big day. We really need to find water, so um yeah, i’m gonna try to get some shut eye and i’ll, see you guys in the morning yo good morning.

I had a very interesting sleep. So last night there’s. These winds that would just come in and it would just sort of like circulate sand around and i was just getting sandblasted. My ears are full of sand, like i have sand of sand everywhere, but apart from that, i had a pretty good had a solid sleep, few mosquitoes and there was one cow last night which came into our camp super strange.

This big cow had at like 2 30 in the morning poked its head in, had a look at what i was doing and then just kept walking up the beach so strange. It scared the [ __ ]. Out of me, i’m gonna dig into this coconut super thirsty and we’ll start our day.

Look at this! For breakfast it’s made a little hole in the top there, because i don’t. I want to drink half of this coconut now and then we’ll. Try to save some for later today, just in case we don’t find anything else to drink.

So here we go. This is going to be good man, oh ah, that’s really good. Just gonna go splash my face in the ocean. Wake up a little bit, but look at this are you. Joking, we ‘ Ve got a whole entire beast to ourselves.

What a way to wake up man it’s. Gon na go wet my face and then uh we’re going bush. Today we’re gonna go there. Hopefully we can find something to drink something to eat. I’d love to have something to eat, except for coconut mate, that’s beautiful.

Why see this? This is that cow. These are cow, tracks, look and they go str straight up to where i’m sleeping, very curious cow there’s, so many bottles, rubbish, plastic cups, pieces of plastic all in the back of this pandanus palm.

So i’m just going to go through and try to gather whatever we can, that’s, going to help us out, because there’s. A lot of rubbish in here that’s. Sort of useful, like here there’s, a styrofoam box like oh it’s, got a hole in it, but there’s, an old box plastic here.

This could probably come in handy for something that plastic i’ll, just go scavenge through all this all right up the coast there before we head in the bush, hey look at this there’s, wild dogs. There hey upgrade a bottle.

We can use later plastic bag. Maybe we can use that so much junk in here it’s, actually really sad. How much plastic is in this bush? Here i’m, not even gonna waste. My time i’m gonna take advantage of this sun.

Take advantage of that plastic that we found what i’m gonna. Do i’m gonna try to do is make a solar still. So i’m gonna dig a hole here. Hopefully we can contain the moisture in the in the hole and that ‘

Ll generate some water for today. As soon as i started, these clouds just started rolling over and for this to work we need direct sunlight, so hopefully i’m still going to make it. So, while we’re out there, hunting this can be gathering water.

We’re gonna go, get foliage from the trees and we fill this hole completely up with the green leaves as that sun is beaming down on this. During the day it’s, gonna start to condensate. It’s, gonna start to sweat, it rises, it hits the plastic, then it drips down to the rock and it’s going to catch in a cup which is underneath that rock.

But what is the most interesting thing check this out already without any leaves in there that’s, condensation right there, so that there is already drinking. I could lick this thing and we could have a little bit of a wet mouth.

You know, but that’s very interesting. Look at that! That’s, a ready, condensation all right. So this is the section of the bottle: [ Music ] chuck a clean rock in the bottom of the bottle, and we’re going to place him in there and i’m, not too sure exactly what this leaf is.

But you can see that a lot of bugs have been eating at this leaf. So that gives me the indication that that’s, not toxic. So we’ve got that we ‘ Ve got our bottle, our rock inside. That’ll, just keep it stable.

So now we’ll flick our plastic over and we’ll. Let that thing start sweating up all right. So we’ve. Pretty much come to a point where i’m happy to leave it now, so i had to use a thong here, a thong over there i’ll.

Tell you what these bloody thongs they come in handy just because the plastic wasn’t big enough, so that’s, stopped that’s, made of seal that thong made a seal so that’s completely airtight! Now that is all right now getting hot sweaty juicy.

You can see that it’s actually working already, so that stone now that’s, the lowest point the water should run across to that stone and then drip into our cup. While we’re away, looking for water in the bush, that thing there is just gonna slowly drip drip.

So this whole shrub here is edible. It’s called goat’s foot or what’s? The other name for it morning glory so these flowers, here that’s, actually an edible flower. I can eat as many of these as i want, and we’re going to be all good.

So i’m, going to collect a couple of these flowers. We’ll eat these flowers. You can also eat these leaves, if you boil these leaves in water. They’re, edible and so is the root from this plant. So it’s good to know this is here we can come back, maybe boil up the roots boil up the leaves.

Definitely there’s, a food source there plenty and plenty of pandanus palm here, so we can get the seeds out of the pandanus palm fruit. We’ll eat that later, maybe but um water is still looking pretty scarce.

My senses are so alive right now. If i see a lizard anything, i’m catching it. We’re gonna cook it on the fire, and this is actually pretty interesting. This stuff here i don’t know if you guys can see this sap here, super sticky look at this.

That would be really handy around the camp, so this tree is a little bit of a walk away, but not too far, but this you could. This will eventually dry rock hard like this is here, so you can patch water bottles.

You can do a lot of stuff with that it’s, flammable, really good stuff right now it’s in a perfect stage of um patching. Anything really good palm tree has been absolutely hammered by a people or i don’t know it doesn’t look well, but there is an old coconut there and there’s a broken one over there.

This one doesn’t, look very good. This is really old. Ah, this is getting. This is actually starting to become really hard to get anything to drink. So i just opened up that coconut and just like i thought inside it’s.

Rotten, it stinks there’s water in there, but so this is what it looks like there’s liquid in there. But if you can see this, it’s, all black, it stinks man, it smells like i don’t know it smells like vinegar, slash some sort of an alcohol.

I’m, not gonna drink that that’s, probably gonna make me sick. You can see here that it’s all rotting away. All this is just wet and it’s rotting. There’s bugs in it. Ah so there’s. A lot of animal tracks here that i’ve, been following for probably 45 minutes now.

Hopefully it’ll lead me to water, but they sort of just they’re sort of just going in circles. That’s. Obviously a big cow [ __ ] there. So these cows have to be drinking something we just got ta find where they’re going okay, so we’ve come back to camp.

I ‘ Ve still got a mouthful in that coconut there. That’s. Gon na be like heaven, but what i’m really excited about is this. I don’t know if you guys can see with this like this glare right now, but look at this water.

It’s running this one. Here is running there’s, one running flat out. There is water dripping into that bottle. This is crazy. Oh, that makes me feel a lot better. We’re slowly. Trapping fresh water and in here still got our coconut there’s, a mouthful of water in here, so i’m.

Just gonna hang in the shade for a bit drink this so that right there is the last water. I have that, is it it’s, gonna taste, bloody good. I haven’t drank any water since this morning, when i woke up so that’s.

Definitely gonna get me through. I have a lot of hope now that i know that the solar still is working. I don’t think we’re, going to get much water out of it, but it’ll, be enough to survive another day.

Another night this is going to taste bloody, beautiful. Ah, ah so i have done a massive walk. It is barren around here like this is just super hot super dry black dirt. There’s. No water inside, like this, i ‘

Ve walked up along the cliffs, seeing if there’s water coming down the cliffs nothing. So we’re. Just gonna keep walking and uh yeah that’s. All we can do right now. Giving up is not an option. Ah, i am absolutely melting out here, so i just got back from a hell of a walk.

We ‘ Ve got a couple of things that are going to help us out so originally i was going to make a bow drill. What i want to do, i want to start a fire and we ‘ Ll go try to catch a couple of crabs because i am beyond hungry, like i’m starving right now, so i was going to use this and then i found this to make the bow drill.

Then we upgraded to this perfect stick for a bow drill. It’s like made for it right, so that was a plan to make a bow drill. But then i found this and this has got me froffin. We found a glass bottle.

The good thing about this bottle is, it is so clean like this thing. Is this thing’s primo? This is how i’m, going to start a fire doing this with a bow drill. Isn’t a lot of effort, but starting a fire with a bottle like this is going to be so much easier.

So we ‘ Ve got our bottle and we found this coconut husk, really dry, coconut husk. What else do we get and the fishing lures? Obviously i’m, not going to be able to use these because the swells crazy and these hooks are rusty as hell, but it’s going to be a good addition to our little home.

Hey look at that! So all right! So this is how i want to start the fire. This is the dried tinder from the coconut husk. This is the bottle we found all we’re going to do is use this round corner of the bottle here.

Use it as a magnifying glass find the point where it’s at its sharpest and we’ll, just hold it there for as long as possible. Usually it takes about two to three minutes in this hot weather, like we ‘

Ve got now to start this. To start this smoking and once it smokes, we’ll transfer to this coconut, and then we’ll transfer to the fire that i’ve already got prepped. That is what i’m. Talking about. You are joking.

Look at this dude that’s, ridiculous. It is so hot right now all right, so we ‘ Ve got all right, so here’s, our little amber that’s perfect all right. So we’re, going to transfer it over to this come ah on on come on, come on, okay! Now this is the critical part you want that.

I want that coal to be come on all right. Let’s. Take it to the fire uh come on. Oh, she’s. Smokey boom. Look at this! Yes, so that took two minutes and 18 seconds to start the fire using a glass bottle.

It’s, a very, very good way, easy way and effortless way to start a fire, but it needs to be hot and your tinder needs to be dry. If you guys, like that kind of thing, i’ll, leave a link at the end of this video to another video i made where i go in depth on how to start fire with bottles like this bottles of water plastic bags, batteries all that Stuff, so i’ll.

Leave that link at the end of the video, but for now i’m going to get this thing to a big roaring fire. We’ll leave it we’ll. Go try to find something to eat, so we’ve actually got an arrangement of foods.

Like i’m pretty lucky, i’ve got choices. What i want to eat up here, all on that ridge, there is cactus along there’s cactus, unfortunately, that cactus isn’t flowering now, so it doesn’t have that beautiful fruit, but what we can do we can Actually eat the leaf on the cactus or we can come and frolic on these rocks and these snails are actually really nice to eat and there’s, no shortage of them.

There are snails everywhere, yeah, oh no man! Oh, we can still get it. Oh yes, i’ve, got it yeah, yeah yeah yeah. Yes, look at that! That’s. Gon na go good! That’s. Beautiful have a go at this. We’ve got about.

I don’t, know 25 20 snails a big crab, so going to be eating good except right. Now i’ve got. I have got a throbbing headache: man, because i’m, not drinking water. My head is just like it’s nearly unbearable.

It feels like i’ve got a baboon playing drums in my head. Ah, killing me: okay, push it on all right. So while we’re here, we might as well grab a bloody cactus leaf. I’ll um. I’ll, make a pair of tongs or something out of this, and we’ll grab the cactus leaf as well.

Do that’s, our um, that’s gonna be our dinner as well. It’s really hard to find the um, the young fresh ones, because i’m up on a rock here, and this is just all really old stuff, but she ‘ Ll still be all right.

We’ll, go take all the prickles off put her on the fire. That’ll, go beautiful with the snails all right. We’ve made it home. It’s. Actually starting to look like a house hey. We’ve got our firewood here, a little bit of dinner cactus we’ve, got our deck chair, our house, our fire and our water container or our water catcher, and i can actually open it now, because the sun’S gone so look how much water’s stuck on this plastic, we’ll, get it all draining down.

Look at it go! Oh, my god! We’ve got water check this out. Those leaves have completely changed color and look at this. We have a little bit of water in the bottom of that there. I am so happy with that.

That’ll save your life. Look at this man. It worked pretty good [, Music ], oh wow, oh look at this. Things are looking up in this kitchen, so i ‘ Ve got about 10 snails in this tiny little can here.

I can only cook 10 snails at a time, because i found a little can down there that’s. Good enough, i’m, going to burn these spikes off this cactus with the flames of the fire we’ll. Just rest him there now here’s, that beautiful crab we got so i’m, just gonna drop him on the coals.

I put him to sleep as soon as i caught him. So we’ll just drop him there. This is my first proper meal in two days yesterday. All i ate was that coconut inside of that coconut – and today i’ve, been chewing on their second coconut.

So this is gonna taste. Good, i reckon that these snails are just about done. I’ve, just gone down to the ocean. There got some salt water, everything tastes better when it’s cooked in salt water. Look at this crabmeat, oh my god! That is really good.

Follow it down with a little bit of the cactus leaf tastes like salty cucumber, and i was gonna throw these fishing hooks away. Those lures that i found, but they’re, going to come in perfect for getting these shells getting the meat out of these shells.

Look at that there’s, our snail, these things actually taste really good. Oh my god! There’s, a little snail meat. I’m very happy right now. We’ve got our fresh water. While we harvested ourselves crab cactus leaf heaps of snails.

I can do this forever. I think i’m. Just gonna sit here now enjoy this food watch, the sunset and literally go to bed. I still have the headache from hell and i think i’m. Just gonna yeah try to sleep it off.

I’ll finish these snails. I’ve, already smashed that crab in a bit more of this leaf and um. I think i’ll be full, so i’ll, see you guys in the morning and see what tomorrow brings dude. There are the most insanely weird sounds coming from the jungle right now it’s.

Um i don’t even know what the time is right now it’s. 201 in the morning there are some psycho sounds coming from that jungle. Oh, what the hell is that good morning, um i ‘ Ve got the headache from hell.

We’ll get through it, but last night was so strange. There was these sounds like i’ve, never heard before coming from the jungle like it was like this like, and then it would just change this different, sound and another different sound.

It’s like an animal. I’ve. Never heard before i don’t know what that was man. That was strange, not a very good sleep, but all right welcome to day three um. I think i’m just gonna do the same. As yesterday, we’re, just gonna start up that water catchment thing, the sun isn’t even up yet so i’m gonna holy [ __ ] dude did not put this stock.

I swear. I swear on my life. I did not put this song here. I have a body full of goosebumps right now i swear to god. I didn’t put that song there holy [ __ ] dude, that’s, weird all right. So i’m. Definitely not here alone.

There’s, other people living somewhere here, because whoa that’s, so strange man, maybe those sounds were somebody last night, not an animal. That is so strange that that song has been put there by somebody.

It gives me like chills, knowing that someone was walking around here last night and i didn’t. Even i didn’t even know they were there. That is really really strange. I can’t believe i didn’t wake up anyway.

That’s, so weird all right. So before that sun pops up today, i’m gonna go. Do this walk again? Walk along the tideline see if anything, news washed up, so i know i can get food from the rocks down there so that’s, not such a problem.

I know that i can make water here as long as there’s. Sun and it’s, a nice blue sky day today, there’s a bit of cloud over the back, but so i’m, starting to get a little bit of a rhythm going. I’m gonna set this up again.

We’re only getting like, probably even less than a couple of water out of that solar still, but that’s enough to keep me just that little bit. You know to keep me hydrated, but it’s, not hydrated, but keep me going so i’m gonna punch up the coast.

There see what we can find you have got to be. Joking me look what we found again last time. I did a survival challenge, we found it as well. This is the sister of wilson wilson’s sister, i’m gonna keep this.

This would actually be a good pillow. Well um. We’ll. Take that back to camp will keep me entertained there really isn’t a lot washed up on the beach this morning. It’s, um a lot of it’s, funny how there’s, lots of different shoes.

There’s, a lot of different things. There’s, a ball wilson’s sister, but yeah there’s, not not really a lot. We can use so in true survival form. I’ve, just done a piss into a bottle, and things come down to it.

I’ll have to drink my own piss. So this is it here. Look at the color of that man that’s, so rank that is dehydration times 10 right there. That is like mud. I’m just gonna i’m just gonna leave it there.

We’ll. Keep walking but it’s literally like brown. I think i’d, have to be seriously dying to drink that we’ll, keep walking, we’ll, see what else we can find. Hopefully there’s, something please that was really really bloody.

Lucky look at this that’s, a broken bottle. It’s. Still super sharp look at that. It’s like razor sharp and that’s. My footprint right there. If i stood on that, i would be in some serious, serious serious problems.

Wow, that’s, something i haven’t really thought of that is a very, very friendly reminder to me to just to wear shoes as much as possible when you’re doing this kind of thing like right now. I’m, not wearing shoes, because i was like i’m just gonna go walk along the coast, but i was this close to standing on that bit of glass and if i stood on that glass i would hate to see The outcome, but on a positive note, look at these beautiful shelves.

Man, these shells are everywhere epic. There you go. I got ta remember to wear my shoes that could have ended real bad, so we’ve, been walking through this jungle. Now, for quite a while, i’m gonna go really really deep inland today, just trying to find.

Ideally, i’m, just really really looking for a coconut just to wet my mouth like that’s. What it’s, easy it’s simple, but at the same time i’m following animal tracks. I’m just going to keep walking. We’re, going to keep punching it’s now, 11, 56.

So, halfway through the third day here and there’s, no water still so food isn’t a problem at all that’s. Easy to get water that’s. The problem you have got to be joking, wait. This is no joke! There’s, a chicken man.

There is a chicken in here somewhere. Oh my god, imagine if we caught a chicken. Where is it? Look look, look, look at this. There see look at it. I need this chicken. Oh it’s flying ah, oh, i just saw a monkey man and i hate monkeys.

They’re, the most aggressive little creatures. I don’t like monkeys man, but what i’ve done. We’ve, come to the base of this big cliff. This is a big cliff that’s, that big cliff. That runs all the way along the coast, hoping that there’d, be like water running down or water, getting pushed out of the face of the cliff but dude.

This is like really dry. Everything is just super dry, so now it’s. It’s. Now two o’clock. So this isn’t good man. I’m gonna head back to camp and we’ll um. We’ll, go from there all right. We’ve, come back home.

Unfortunately, today it’s super cloudy, so that isn’t really going to be working. Today, we’ve got this much water left. Oh my god, i’m, going to smash that water uh. That is literally all the water we’ve got gone.

I have no more water. Oh we’re done. We’re finished. I reckon if i was stuck here for like a month or two months. I reckon you’d, survive there’s, plenty of food like food, isn’t an issue. Water is the problem, but every single day you just walk further and further and further like i’m walking.

Maybe a kilometer and a half that way and sort of this way from this camp. So what i’ll, do i’ll just keep traveling and keep walking and keep walking because obviously there’s. Animals here – and there is people living somewhere around here, so there’s, going to be a water source somewhere, you’ve just got to find it, and that’s, the hard part so that little cup of water that We can generate each day is probably just enough to keep you pushing pushing to find.

I don’t, know to find the water source or before you go absolutely insane in one of the two all right, i’ve, just packed up the solar. Still we’ve done a little bit of a cleanup. I’m, going to take as much rubbish as i can out in my bag, and i’m just going to hoof it.

It’s, a long walk back to where i started three days ago. So i’m, going to start walking and i’m just going to look for coconuts, i’m going to walk in the jungle there, so we’ll do a little bit of a walk around.

We’ll, do one more cleanup and start hunting for coconuts in the bush. One last look at our magical little camp. Before we go into the deep jungle she’s been good. She definitely did her job. I’m gonna leave these fishing lures for the next guy or for the next person.

Whoever’s stuck here. Thank you. You’ve been amazing, but now we’re going deep into the jungle. We’re gonna find ourselves some coconuts before i seriously pass out and the hunt for coconuts continues.

If you guys like this video make sure you smash that subscribe button – and i guess i’ll – see you in the next one. Doggies much love and thank you for watching. Oh man, i have got the biggest headache right now.

Uh it’s literally like it’s like disabling me seriously.


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