16 Scary Outdoors Horror Stories


Welcome back to the swamp, my friends, glad to see you made it back for another video, a topic we cover a lot on this channel is the great outdoors i put out multiple videos a month on this topic alone.

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My name is dee and one cool october morning i decided to take my wife, joanne camping. We spent the morning packing the supplies. We would need once we had everything we needed. We locked up our house and drove about 15 minutes to our land out in somerville georgia.

Once we arrived and found a good spot, we didn’t have much time to do what we needed. So i quickly unloaded the truck and asked joanne to start assembling the tent. While i get some firewood as i approach the woods, i got a feeling that someone was watching me.

So as soon as i chopped up enough wood, i began building and lighting the fire, because the sun was setting quickly. Joanne had already had the tent up, so now we could relax. We sat around the fire roasting and eating hot dogs.

When i noticed the fire getting smaller and smaller, so i grabbed my headlight machete and went to get more firewood. I walked inside the tree line about 15 feet and found some good dry wood and, as i was chopping, i heard what sounded like footsteps crunching in the leaves behind me.

I quickly turned around to illuminate the area i heard it coming from, but i didn’t, see anything so i tried my best to brush it off. I grabbed the wood i had cut and returned to camp joanne was ready to roast marshmallows.

So i didn’t tell her what i had just heard. I just built up the fire higher and sat down close to it, trying to warm back up once i got warm. I ate some s’mores with my wife and forgot all about it. We started to clean up our campsite and get ready for bed.

When i realized, i would need more firewood to stay warm until morning, so i returned to the wood line and immediately remembered the sounds i heard so this time i didn’t enter the tree line. I just started cutting the wood that i could get to when i had a good stack of wood.

I reached down and collected it and, as i was standing back up, i caught a glimpse of an unnaturally dark object with reflective, yellow and green eyes. In the woods. I acted as though i didn’t, see anything and i slowly walked back to the campsite where joanne was already in the tent.

I was placing the wood on the fire when i heard what sounded like a woman screaming in the distance joanne jumped out of the tent and asked dee. What was that? I told her not to worry, it was probably just a mountain lion and it shouldn’t bother us.

So we went to bed thinking. Everything would be fine god we were wrong. I was awoken by joanne shaken me. She whispered to me that she smelled something dead and she can hear something breathing loudly outside the tent.

I no longer saw the warm glow of the fire, so i got worried. I grabbed my nine millimeter pistol slowly and sat up and unzipped the tent outside the tent door about 40 feet ahead. I see a herd of deer staring at us.

I could see every breath they took as they were blowing fog out of their noses because it was so cold. I yelled loudly to scare the deer away and it worked. They all ran off well, except for one it was slowly walking towards us.

I could see it was a nice 12 pointer, but as he got closer, i noticed his coat was unusually dark and mangy. The smell of death got worse as the buck got closer. Then i noticed that his eyes were glowing yellow and i didn’t have my headlight on that’s.

When i knew something was wrong. I grabbed my headlight and pointed it towards the deer that’s. When i saw that its skin was peeling off and hanging, i could see it skull through pieces in the meat. I knew there was no way this thing could be alive.

The deer stopped walking opened its mouth and out came a scream that we had heard before. At this point, joanne was crying. I told her to run to the truck crank it up and be ready for me to jump in, and i’ll watch her back.

She made it to the truck and cranked it up without the buck, even moving. It then began to slowly walk towards me again. It seemed he was only after me. I aimed my pistol at the buck’s head and pulled the trigger.

I’m, not sure i even hit it because it was now charging towards me. I had six more rounds and i shot them all. It slowed the deer down, but at no way did it stop it. I had no way to defend myself. It was almost to my tent when joe and crashed into it with the truck i jumped in as fast as i could.

We drove away leaving everything we had behind. We came back later that day to get all of our belongings and see if what we still hit was still there. After taking seven bullets and being hit by a six thousand pound truck, there was no blood and no sign that anything was ever there.

We haven’t been camping, since this all took place. When i was 14., it was a saturday and we were going camping in one of the more rural parts of jamaica. I won’t name the place for privacy reasons, but first here’s.

Some background. As i said, i’m 14 about 5’3 in a medium frame, build. In other words, i was a big kid anyway, back to the story, the campsite that we were going to was about an hour and a half worth of driving.

When we get there, we get our stuff from the truck and started hiking to find a good spot. We come across a nice, calm, crisp, looking stream, so we decided to stop here and get some dinner right away about two hours later we pack up and start again by now it’s about 4 30 pm.

We finally find a good enough spot to set up all of a sudden. We pick up this awful pungent stench. It honestly smelled, like expired, sour cream and rotten eggs mixed in a toilet that hadn’t been cleaned for six years and left in the sun, and it was close.

I felt chills go down. My spine and a wave of dread rushed over me when i heard the shrillest most ear, piercing screech. I had ever heard in my life. I grabbed the sawed-off double barrel shotgun and ran inside the tent.

I actually fell asleep quickly, despite it only being 6 pm at about 2. Am i had awoken to the sound of a branch snapping and to make matters worse, i had to use the bathroom me being a horror movie. Enthusiast knew all too well what not to do in situations like these, i laid still with the double barrel, in my hand, ready to fire it if it came to the test fast forward about 10 minutes later, when i heard my uncle scream, i quickly woke my Dad up, who was sleeping next to me and slowly, walked out there to see what was going on at first.

I was thinking he was just playing a trick on us. Nothing could have ever prepared me for what i saw. This thing was at least eight feet tall. It had the smell i described earlier. It had two horns sticking out of its head and it stood on two awfully man-like legs.

I thought i was in hell, looking at the devil himself within no more than a second or two i fired around into its leg. It jolted back so human-like a little too human-like. Then it happened. This thing turned around and acknowledged us almost as if it wanted to speak, and it did.

I don’t, remember exactly what it said, but it spoke in a deep raspy, manly voice. I remember it having hellish red gleaming eyes that stared through my soul, i shot at it again this time the back of its disgusting devil-like back covered with white dirty disgusting, looking fur about five seconds, or so the thing ran off into the woods, leaving a trail Of blood i looked over at my uncle, he was almost in tears and, as for my dad, he was just frozen.

I don’t know what the hell this thing was, and i don’t know how i wasn ‘ T crying, we all stayed up in one tent, packing our stuff planning to book it back to the truck as soon as the sun came up after about seven hours, the sun finally came up and we did what we planned to do when we got to the Truck we started it and drove out of there like a batted of hell on the ride home.

We didn’t say a word. Nor did we when we got home, you’d. Think the story ends here. Well, not all fairy tales have happy endings about two weeks later we went down to the countryside to camp with my aunt uncle and cousins.

This drive was about three hours away from where we lived, so we were going to spend the night with them. Obviously that was our intention anyway, when we get there, we see them all standing on the front patio waiting for us with the look of joy on their faces now to describe the place, it was about five acres of empty woodland area, but it had great lighting Around the house from the led solar powered lights anyway, after about 10 minutes of talking and catching up, we all go inside and make our way to the bathroom to freshen.

Up. When i’m finished, i get out and make my way to the room i’m. Staying in and two of my cousins, brian and mario out of the six, are in the room playing forza horizon 4 on the ps4. When it’s about 10 pm, i decide i’m going to bed.

I said my goodnights and went up to my room. It was dark, but i didn’t think to turn on the light. I just went straight to bed and tucked in i heard the door open, but i just brushed it off as my cousins about two hours later, mario comes in turns on the light and screams.

I will never forget the look on his face when i asked what’s wrong, he looked as though if he had just killed someone accidentally, it was almost as if he wanted to say, oops and started raging. He was in total awe.

It was the thing from earlier: it just walked over to the open window, which was about two stories off the ground, made its way down and walked away into the woods as if nothing had ever happened. It moved so human-like.

So disgusting so purposely when everyone ran up to us and asked what had happened, we all finished them telling the story. Brian simply said, one word goat man. Fortunately, this was the last time i personally had an experience with this creature and i hope i never will again, but sometimes i still wonder what would have happened if i turned on the light or if mario didn’t come in when he did Or if he had laid down next to this thing, without bothering to turn the light, i’m glad i don’t know one night.

Last year during the fall, i was camping on my property with my wife. It’s all in a secluded forest on a private lake in georgia, so we don’t have any neighbors within 30 miles after i gathered some firewood from some small trees that i had cut down.

I heard this noise coming from the west side, from where i was standing. I wasn’t skeptical about it at first, because it came from a great distance as it was a low echo. I went back to the campfire and sometime around an hour later we did some fishing for catfish, while the moon was full.

I heard the noise again and it was closer to us this time, but possibly about a thousand yards away. We don’t have many bears in this part of georgia. If any, i’ve heard many recordings of bigfoot on youtube, but this thing sounded nothing like that.

It was a monstrous sound like a raging gorilla whatever it was, it sounded a lot bigger than a man. My wife heard it too. We got too scared to stay any longer, so we packed up and headed back to the house.

The next day, sometime in the afternoon, i went back to our camping location, carrying my 30 30 rifle and walked a little over a thousand yards toward the sound that we had heard. Last night i came upon a muddy bank near the lake and saw these gigantic footprints.

They were almost like a man’s foot, but with bladed toes. The next thing i did was put my foot beside one of the footprints to measure it. My shoe size is 12, but the footprints were about 6 inches wider and 3 inches longer.

What could it be? Let me know what you think. This thing was please [, Music ]. So before i get into this story, there are a few things i would like to clear up. First, this story takes place in altamonte tennessee in mid-july of 2018.

. Second, i was in the boy scouts at the time. Third, i have some friends that i will be referring to in this story. Their names are brad, steve, xavier and paul respectively. Four, we were grouped in tents that had two each inside i was in a tent with steve, so brad and xavier were sharing a tent and paul was sharing a tent with somebody i can’t recall.

I was at a summer camp for eight days, but i only spent six days at the camp as it was a day’s, drive up and back the first few days were pretty normal honestly, but it was the night of the third day when I couldn’t sleep on account of the awful tents which hardly closed and seemed to be infested with insects and arachnids of every kind.

So i was awake for most of the night. Listening to the sounds of the tennessee woods until i noticed some peculiar noises which didn’t seem normal. I first noticed strange noises at around 1am one hour after lights out.

First, it sounded like footsteps, but, as time went on, i started to hear what sounded like whispering. I couldn’t make out what it was saying because it was barely audible. I was pretty shaken up, but eventually the noises quieted down and i managed to fall asleep the next morning.

I told steve about it and we both shrugged it off. Although at that point i wasn’t sure i had been dreaming or if i was awake, i forgot about it until that night, shortly before lights out, when i remembered and told brad, xavier and paul, even though it was dreading it.

Of course, i would have to go to sleep eventually when i made my way to my tent. I, unsurprisingly couldn’t fall asleep, but not because of the noises i couldn’t sleep because i had what seemed like six billion bugs in my tent at about 12 30 to 1.

Am the noises started? This time were loud and intense. The noises started with footsteps, but the footsteps quickly evolved into voices themselves, not whispers, but full volume talking and possibly even yelling.

At one point, then the sounds morphed into chirping and squeaking. At one point, i even heard what sounded like a medieval battle: horn like in the narnia movies. Eventually, i grew tired of cowering in my tent and decided to go check out what the noises could be.

I went down to the bathrooms, which were about 200 feet away and down a hill from my tent. When i got to the bathroom, i realized the squeaking noises seemed to be coming from a leaky old house, which was a huge relief.

I relieved myself and went back to my tent i laid down and appeared that the noises had stopped, but, of course that was only temporary when the noises started up again, i called out in a slightly hushed tone thinking it was somebody playing a prank.

It was about 2 30 to 3. Am at this point when my friend paul responded to my call and came over to my tent paul said that he had been up for a while because of the bugs in his tent, when he noticed the noises too.

He had been up for about 30 minutes when he heard me and came over to my tent paul and i hung out in steve and i’s tent for a while steve slept through the entire night. Even with paul and i trying to wake him up while we were in the tent, the noises would stop and start repeatedly, alternating every ten minutes or so, while paul and i were in my tent with steve sleeping next to us in the tent.

We noticed that the footsteps were getting increasingly closer and louder. The footsteps were so much that it sounded like they were right outside our tent. We figured it was another kid who was in the tent nearby named eddie.

He may have been sleepwalking because he was known to do that. Sometimes we called out to eddie asking if he was all right. There was no answer, though we shrugged it off and continued talking eventually paul got tired and returned to his tent at about 4am.

Honestly. At this point i decided i would try to get some sleep too. I had been laying down for all of 10 minutes when the noises started up and i realized i would not be getting any sleep that night and decided to walk around the camp and try to find the source of these noises.

I did not find anything, however. I did walk by brad and xavier’s tent, i decided to see if they were awake by whispering into the side of their tent. Brad was awake. Xavier was not. I asked brad if he had heard the noises which he said he had brad had said he was up listening to the noises for about an hour when i came over, i told brad to keep his ears open for any more weird noises and went back to My tent about 20 minutes later i started to hear the noise start up again.

I decided to wait a few minutes to see if the noises would stop the noise, it did not stop. I decided to go check around the campsite again. This time, though, i went to brad and xavier’s tent first to recruit them to help me check.

When i got over there, both brad and xavier were awake. It was sometime between 5 30 and 6 a.m, so xavier and brad came out of their tent and walked with me around the campsite. We had checked the entire area and were about to return to our tents.

We happened to be walking by the end of a huge rectangular clearing behind our campsite when we saw a strange animal at the other end of it, it was no more than 200 feet away. If i had to guess the thing looked like it was prone, it was completely still just watching us.

We didn’t know what it was, so we started walking toward it when it realized. We were coming closer, it got up, and this is when we realized that we weren’t looking at any ordinary animal. This thing was like four feet: tall and humanoid with a hunched posture and huge glowing orange eyes about the size of tennis balls.

Its head appeared to be pushed into its torso, giving it an appearance similar to that of the depictions of the mothman. When it got up, it started hobbling away towards a large ditch. As we got closer, it became more frantic and started to move faster by the time we got there.

It was long gone and the ditch was empty. We checked the area in which it had been and found nothing of importance, though hilariously we did find an empty bag of planters, peanuts about 10 feet away from where the creature had been.

I have no idea what we saw that night, but i am sure we saw something we can all agree on. That is not natural. I spent hours searching for anything about the creature we saw but have not found any evidence of this creature’s.

Existence online – i am sending in this story in hopes that it will be spread around and eventually i will have an answer for what we saw that night. I want to start off by saying that hindsight is a b word and i know now looking back at all the things i did wrong and how things could have turned out much better.

If i just listened to my gut but anyways, this situation takes place. Quite a few years back when i was in boy scouts, my troop had announced that that summer that we were going to go to a new camp and that camp would be camp woodruff.

It’s a camp in georgia, and you can look it up online if you can’t take my word for it. My grandpa was an eagle scout back in his day and he was a troop leader now, since he was going. I decided i would too, because i wanted to spend more time with my grandfather, my grandma passed away about a year prior.

The only problem is, i didn’t know how to do summer camp as i’ve, never attended one before when i got there. I realized this was going to suck majorly the tents my troops were staying in were full of non-lethal forest spiders and for an arachnophobe like me, it was hell on earth.

The goal of being here was to earn badges for your sash and bond with your fellow scouts, which is a great way for young men, to gather some special skills and have some fun. But i can’t find the joy in tying knots when i didn’t even like scouting in the first place.

However, later on in the week, we would be going to an independent horse ranch and they would allow us scouts who wanted to go to go on a trail on a horse. Horse riding day came – and i was extremely excited, especially because i got to ride near the front with the rancher tour guide.

His name was trent and he was so cool to my 17 year old mind. I have always loved and appreciated horses as it was on their backs. America was built before machines. The horse is a proud and noble animal that has always been by humans and, most likely always will be so as we were going along.

The trail trent told us to stop and let the horses drink a bit from an upcoming stream trent. Let his horse take his swigs of water and when it was time for my horse, a snake of some kind wriggled in the stream causing my horse to go.

Bat crap, crazy and buck me off here is where hindsight comes in after i fell off my horse. My gut told me to stop and wait for the expert to calm the horse down, but i didn’t want to wait on the ground with the snake i rolled over and ended up cuddling.

The eviscerated remains of some poor buck or something there was blood all over my neck shirt and even on my legs, i started to freak out even more and ran off a bit further down the trail. But in my panic i lost my footing and fell down the side of a hill which was about nine feet, or so i felt so much pain in my hip because i landed sideways when trent and the rest of the troops saw where i was.

They asked. If i was okay and i replied – i’m, not dead. Just really scared! Don’t worry eventually. The trail goes back down to the other side of this hill and curves around to you. Just wait there for us and you’ll, be fine.

I heard the words trent said, but the only thing i could think of was that carcass i ever so carelessly rolled into i looked down at the back of my legs. I had a cut from my tumble down the hill, but i sat there and waited, and after about 15 minutes, i started to hear screaming.

It was weird, though, because it sounded like i was screaming, which sadly was high, pitched and impossible to mimic at first. I thought it was the rest of my troop who had come to mock me for causing my own literal downfall, but after i looked around i realized it was not them.

Otherwise, i would have heard the horses or their talking and laughing. I sat in silence and heard something that still haunts my nightmares in my own voice. I heard i’m, really dead. This person or thing had twisted my own words around into a horrifying sentence.

I looked around and saw this semi-hollow tree that looked like it was clinging onto the ground for dear life, not to fall over. I dragged myself over to the tree and tried my best to conceal myself inside.

I stayed still and concentrated all my remaining energy into. Not moving, i heard heavy movements outside the tree. I smelled the stench of copper and then the smell of blood. Whatever was creeping around outside my hiding space was breathing heavily and screeching.

This ear deafening scream. I wanted to cry – and i’m – not ashamed to admit that i almost did. I silenced my breathing inside my shirt and prayed to god that whatever this thing was it wouldn’t find me.

I stayed like this for who knows how many minutes that felt like forever. Until i looked upon my shoulder and saw another freaking spider, i forgot my situation and i screamed and ran outside the tree where i kept running on pure adrenaline until i ran into another rancher.

That came from the stables to look for me when trent radioed to them about my location. They heard the scream and assumed it was me. I tried my best to tell them about the thing that was lurking around here, but all that came out was a mumbled jumble of words.

She helped me on to her horse and she took me back to the barn where i got the blood hosed off of my leg and bandaged up. I tried to tell the few other adults what had happened, but they marked it up as hysteria and hallucinations from a panic attack.

I didn’t sleep for the last three nights that we were there and honestly, i don’t, think i’ll ever return to the woods of georgia ever again, because i’ve done my research and I think that creature, that antagonized me was a wendigo, so i have submitted three stories to you: have graciously read two of them on your channel.

My name is evan and the two stories you read were about cryptids, and so is this story. The difference is that this story is from my mom’s, point of view. As i stated in the last two stories, i live in rural maryland, but my mom grew up in the mountains of tennessee.

Her father was an avid hunter and cared for his family very well. They lived on a large section of woodland near a dirt road in a log, a frame home, her father worked at car auctions and was often gone for weeks at a time on road trips.

With his team, this led to my mother lisa becoming a very accustomed person to exploring the woods with her sister. Her mom took care of the property, but also worked at a local restaurant four days out of the week again, this left my mom and her sister with the task of occupying themselves, my mom loved the outdoors and the woods surrounding her home.

It was perfect for exploring her father whittled a small wooden slingshot for her, and she would spend all day shooting pebbles at the creek and climbing small trees. Now this encounter took place when my mom was nine.

In july of the year 1979. my grandma had taken my mom’s sister to the doctor, because she had sprained her ankle the day prior and was having trouble walking. My mom decided like most days that she would do some deep woods exploring.

She grabbed her slingshot and set out her mom called after her to not be too late for dinner. The sun was already getting low in the sky and the thick trees. Didn’t help this matter. My mom wasn’t scared of the dark she ran through the brambles singing and stopping every once in a while to shoot her slingshot.

She eventually got to the creek and sat down on the soft bank to refill her pebble supply, as she was picking up pebbles. She heard a noise whenever she retells this to me or any sibling. She always says it’s like the crickets lost their voice and the birds had no more songs to sing the forest was utterly silent, as she recalled, and she didn ‘

T realize why, at first she got up from the creek bank standing across the creek on the other side of the bank is what she called a big hairy man. She wasn’t familiar with the stories about bigfoot, but she knew this was no human.

It looked at her and she said it felt like it was staring right through her soul. Then it let out a massive guttural call that she felt in her chest. She tried to cry being a little girl in the deep woods with a bigfoot in front of her, as if the thing realized it scared her.

It stood up to its full height and she realized it was only kneeling. She said it must have been six feet tall while on its knees, but around nine feet, standing up, as my mom turned to run, she heard it let out another call even louder than the first one.

My mom got back to the house in record speed and her clothes were torn and her legs were bloody from tripping twice. When my grandma asked why and what had happened she said she fell from a tree. I don’t think she thought my grandma would believe her.

She never told this story until maybe about five years ago. I was shocked but believed her, because my mom is no liar, so that’s, her story. I appreciate you sharing my stories. I’ve sent you and i hope you can share this one as well.

I hope you’re doing well during this crazy time and be safe out there, folks, because there are some things that we just can’t explain in life. I am an avid outdoorsman and a fellow swan dweller. I was once a well-known outdoor survivalist youtuber from the early years of youtube when 10k subscribers was a lot, so i won’t, be using any name just in case.

A few of you may remember us. This took place in florida back in 2010. During the summer me and two friends were camping on the alafia river on a bend in the river, not too far downstream from a county park built around a local spring.

We love the spot and went there frequently in the early years of our channel. The area is much more developed now and since we made videos out there, the place lost its charm as more and more people have discovered it.

We seldom go back now. This particular trip we decided to camp right on the river in a spot that afforded a beautiful view of it and the surrounding flora and fauna to get there. You just had to follow the trail that eventually went down an embankment and turned to run along the river for a dozen yards, or so we usually camped a top set embankment and even had semi-permanent shelter up for a while, but decided to go down and set Up camp along the river trail: instead, we set up camp gathered, wood started, our fire cook drank and relaxed night eventually fell, and we all turned in around the same time.

I believe it was around 10 pm, or so. We had, of course, been telling stories of the skunk ape, which is sasquatch smaller and smellier cousin from florida. I have an odd habit of not being able to sleep much when i go camping unless i am the first person to fall asleep.

If not, i kind of just doze off and wake up every few minutes i’m, never really ever asleep. In this case, i was not the first one out. I soon heard soft snoring from the other tent shared by my two companions on this weekend trip.

So i settled into a comfortable position in my little dome, tent and drifted between wakefulness and sleep for a few hours, always keeping an ear out. One thing about rainy florida summer night is the sounds of the swamp being right off the river.

There was a constant cacophony of frogs, toads crickets and the odd nocturnal bird all screaming into the night as they try to get laid while it can be loud. There is a natural rhythm to it that i enjoyed.

There were even some coyotes yipping, somewhere off and across the river from us. Suddenly all the sound ceased. I came fully awake and laid still for just a moment eyes open. As i tried to puzzle out what was off, it was when i heard the gentle trickle of water from the river that i realized everything had gone quiet.

I sat up and tried my best to peek out from under the rainfly of my tent, which was covering the screen. I would normally be able to see out of it, but i could not see more than just a sliver. It was so dark outside it.

Really didn’t help anything either. I heard crunching and the rustling of leaves on the embankment above us in the spot that we would normally camp. I listened for a moment figuring. It was either the raccoon i had chased off earlier with the slingshot or even more likely an armadillo which was abundant in our area and can make enough noise in the brush to make.

You think it was a bear charging at you. It was then that i noticed the crunching was following the pattern of a person walking through the brush on two legs, not the slithering rustle of a small game.

Moving around at this point i figured either. One of my companions was up trying to spook me or a local had come out and was walking around at night with no flashlight, which was a pretty disturbing and questionable prospect in and of itself.

The footfalls moved across the embankment above me towards the top of the trail that led down to where we were. My tent was set up in the grass at the base of the trail right where it leveled off and turned to follow the river.

My companion’s. Tent was set up a few yards away on the left of the trail. The footfalls made it to the top of the trail and stopped they were maybe 10 or 12 feet away from where i sat. My trepidation grew as seconds passed in eerie silence.

There was a sudden loud crack of wood from the embankment above me, the unmistakable sound of a tree branch being whacked and broken against the trunk of a tree. I knew this for certain because we had been doing the same thing earlier in order to break down large dead branches of firewood.

Another whack sounded this time closer to my tent i reached over and quietly scooped up my large mag light led flashlight and my machete. I placed them both in my lap. As i sat up, i was sitting cross-legged waiting patiently.

I usually carried a pistol with me, but left it in the car on this trip. For a reason, i can no longer recall the footfalls at the top of the trail started again one after another. This time i could feel the weight of them in the seat of my pants as they came.

This thing was heavy the ground vibrated with the thump under its weight, with each step my skin began to prickle as my neck and ears grew hot, with the sudden rush of fear, the footfalls stopped within an arm’s, reach of my tent.

I listened hard and thought that i could make out the faint sound of something breathing quietly ragged in the darkness outside i knew it was focused on me. The crushing weight of his attention drove me to near panic, as though some long forgotten instinct woke inside me and knew that i needed to get out of here.

It needed me to run it’s, the only survival my breathing grew rapid and shallow. My chest tight as i continued to listen to the dead silence outside of my tent, then, as suddenly as it came, the dreaded weight lifted.

I felt and heard the thing move past me down the trail towards my friend’s tent the frogs and crickets resumed, causing me to nearly jump out of my skin. At the sudden rush of sound. As the thing moved past me, i was able to will myself to the flap of my tent, where i slowly unzipped it enough from the top corner in order to get my flashlight through.

I clicked my flashlight on and kept a tight grip on my machete as the bright led beam lit up the night like a white mini sun. I swept it back and forth and saw nothing of what had just passed still too scared to get out.

I zipped my tent up and resumed my cross-legged position for the rest of the night, flashlight machete, held across my lap. In case it came back, don came two and a half hours later. I heard the zipper of the other tent open, so i also emerged.

I saw my friend exit his tent bleary-eyed as he moved off into the thicket of bushes to relieve himself in the pre-dawn light. I approached and asked him if he heard anything last night. He said he did, but he figured it was me walking around trying to creep them out, told them it wasn’t, he kind of shrugged it off and went back into his tent.

I stayed outside and searched for signs of the thing and i found nothing: no tracks or depressions in the ground, no bent or broken branches or twigs no tufts of fur or hair. Nothing. When my companions fully awoken emerged from their tent for breakfast.

I addressed it with them again and they again said they just thought it was me walking around. I described what i felt, but only got looks of disbelief from them. Something to note about this experience.

There was no smell, which is of something of a telltale sign of skunk ape and the other folks accounts of running into one. The only thing that really points it to being a skunk ape would be the tree knocking and the one thing that makes me dismiss it as a person was the feeling of dread that it brought with it.

I have never felt anything like what i did that night. I had once been stalked by an elusive florida panther, and it was nothing close to this thing. What was it i may never know. [, Music, ], camping and hiking in the back country has always been my passion since i was old enough to go out on my own and travel to different locations.

I’ve, been fortunate enough in my life to be able to go to some of the most remote and beautiful places in the united states. Needless to say, i’ve, seen some pretty strange things, and at times i’ve been downright terrified of the encounters i’ve had out in the bush.

I’ve, always believed in the supernatural, and the unexplained, having grown up in an extremely haunted house, was sat on an old native american reservation, but that’s, a story for another time. With all that being said, i still can’t begin to explain what happened to me and one of my closest friends in the mountains of arizona.

One night after a long week of work, my friend john and i decided we would go to a well-known mountain range, just north of phoenix to hit up some of the off-road jeep trails and spend the weekend camping at one of my favorite spots.

For obvious reasons i won’t disclose the exact location, but if you live in the area, you probably know exactly where i’m talking about. After a few hours of driving across the rough terrain, we finally arrived at the trailhead.

We parked our jeeps and gathered our gear and began our half an hour hike to the campsite. The trailhead is not well known or heavily used at all. I’ve gone to the spot for years and how sometimes i still drive right past it.

If i’m, not looking hard enough after a while of hiking, we finally reached the campsite. Now this place is absolutely beautiful. It’s right on the edge of the mountain, overlooking the salt river and usually there’s.

Not another soul for miles. I’ve, made countless solo trips here and have always felt at ease, even after a close encounter with a mountain lion coming inside of my camp. But this time i don’t know something was definitely off and i could tell that john felt it too, because he was a lot more tense than usual and seemed to be on high alert.

We tried to brush it off and ignore it as best as we could and got our campsite set up after a few beers and sitting around a small fire later that night we started to relax just a bit. It was starting to get late, so i decided i was going to call it a night, just as i started to stand up, a rock the size of a baseball comes hurling out of the wood and nails a tree right beside my feet.

What the heck i stood there, stud for a second before reaching for my rifle john, jumped up and pulled out his pistol hey. If there’s, someone out there, you better make yourself known right now. I yelled, as i and john started, walking in the direction that rock came from.

We got no reply, no sound of footsteps, not even a slight breeze. It was dead, silent, so much that my ears were ringing after a few minutes of investigating the area and finding absolutely nothing. We returned back to the fire and decided it best to stay up and be alert for a little longer in case.

Something else happens about an hour goes by and john and i are starting to calm down and are just sitting around talking. All of a sudden, a large tree branch flies out of the trees and lands on john’s tent ripping a massive hole in the roof we jumped up and both aim our guns in the direction that the branch flew in from we fire.

A few rounds – maybe this was not a good idea, but we did it anyway. We hear something massive tearing through the trees at first we thought it was running away from us, but we realized it was running a circle around us.

We shined our lights in all directions, trying to catch a glimpse of whatever or whoever. This was messing with us. At this point we were both shaken up and started gathering what we could to stuff in our packs and get the heck out of there.

John grabs, my arm and says: stop: do you hear that he started looking back towards the edge of the mountain at first i didn’t, hear anything, but after a second i could make out a low hum. It was a very low but high pitched whistle that was vibrating the ground slightly, but it was coming from about 50 feet past the edge of the mountain like there was no possible way.

Anyone or anything could be out there unless it could fly. I started walking towards the sound slowly scanning the treeline around me as we slowly move towards the edge. I lift up my light and shine it towards the unexplained sound as i did.

Rocks and large sticks and even parts of a cactus flew in from off the edge bombarding us. It was like shrapnel. We ran the full 30 minute hike in about 10 to 15 minutes to our jeeps and through the few things we managed to grab in the back and just hauled absolute ass out of there.

We never went back to the tents and i haven’t been camping in that place. Ever since i’ve heard a lot of scary stories about that area, ranging from bigfoot to ufos and even skimwalkers. But after those events, i still have no idea what terrorized us that night, i don’t plan on going back to find out.

But if you live in the area and know kind of where i’m talking about, if you are unlucky enough to stumble upon an abandoned campsite at the edge of a mountain, do yourself a favor turn around and go the other way hello there.

I’ve, been listening to your program for a while and decided to share this. Maybe another listener has had this happen to them, because i still don’t really know what this was. I grew up with acres upon acres of woods.

Behind my house, a farmer owned most of it, but no one paid mine to us. There were huge fields on both sides of the woods and the farmer at one point had trails going through the woods to move cows from one pasture to the other.

My brother sister and i would regularly be found playing out there. There was a creek back there too. We could fish or swim or muck luck or whatever you want muck. Looking is basically playing in the mud catching frogs and salamanders.

We’d, been out there in any weather any season in the daylight in the dark you name it. I used to hike the woods on moonlit nights as a kid and was quite comfortable in its surroundings. The location of my home was in southeastern pennsylvania, chester county.

The area still had plenty of open space at the time, and wildlife was really just foxes, raccoon deer squirrel, etc. Nothing too scary or aggressive, and the coyotes hadn’t come back at this point. I’m about 10 or 11 when this occurred.

My friend haley and i had been hiking for most of the morning and had gone up through the hills through the woods to the top of the pasture. The trees were less there and they had these huge vines that we used to make swings out of.

We had hung out for a while and then headed back down the hill towards the woods. The day was sunny and clear, and a really nice autumn day, as we entered the woods and made our way to the trail. The clouds started to move in it got grayer and a little cold, nothing major haley and i were enjoying shuffling through the leaves, and it sounded like the sound of the leaves were being echoed like we’d shuffle and something would shuffle behind us.

I stopped and told hayley that something was copying me she shuffled forward and said see. I’m, not copying you after she shuffled. We heard the leaves move behind us up the hill a bit and we both turned to see if it was a deer or something else.

But what we saw was something entirely different: it was like a man, deer or a deer man or whatever you would want to call it. It was coming right towards us. We know how protective they get and we knew that the buck could get a little gnarly too.

So, as we were looking, we hear the lowest growl that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. Hayley grabs my arm and we slowly start backing up. I swear on my mother’s, grave that we backed up.

You could see the leaves moving like something was walking through them, but we couldn’t, see them actually move. It was only about 30 feet away and we would move behind trees to try to get a better look while backing up.

I was trying to rationalize it in my brain by saying it was just a deer. The leaves moved out of the way of whatever was walking through them and it was large. It kept coming down the hill just behind us and the growl came again louder this time, a growl that rumbled in my chest.

We turned tail and bolted it out of those woods as fast as we could, and it felt like this thing was close behind. I can remember haley falling when we reached the line between the woods in my backyard and i remember dragging her by the arm until she caught her feet.

I was still trying to catch a glance and trying to see if i saw anything, but i still saw nothing chasing us. We ran straight to the house and hid looking from her bedroom window. We had a clear view from her window to our woods, yet nothing ever came out.

We didn’t, go into the woods for a while, and even so we only enter a couple of feet before we feel like we were being watched. My brother and his friend had a similar run-in, but luckily had their quads.

They were further in the woods and were fishing just like our day. He said it started to get cloudy and colder kind of out of the blue, and he said he heard someone on the trail further down. This is opposite of where the trail goes from our house.

It’s deeper in towards a waterfall. He said it sounded like someone was riding their horse down towards them. He called out to them because he didn’t want the rider or the horse to get spooked, since everything is kind of on a bend instead of a voice.

A growl was the response. He then said he and gary didn’t waste any time they left all their tackle and poles and flew home on the quads. I hadn’t, told my brother about what happened to me and haley, but i think these these occurrences are definitely connected.

What do you guys think it was near the end of 2018 sometime around november, so it was damp and pretty cold out, but nonetheless still comfortable? For me, when i got a call from my friend joe, he wanted to come up to my house and stay for a few days to get out of the city so to speak, because i live up in the mountains.

The usual middle of nowhere type old wooden house with my mom, who rarely was home for more than two to three hours at a time due to her job in the mountains of tennessee, yada yada, you know backwoods areas you’ve heard the story.

A million times we have neighbors, but they’re, a good distance from our house. So we don’t know them all that well enough details for now, though, so i get off the phone with joe and proceed to drive to the city, where of course me and him hang out for a while and play some video games and Slightly, we lost track of time when we left thanks to the time of year, it was already dark.

It was maybe around 6 30 to 7 pm when we got back to my place and it had begun sprinkling rain on the ride up, but we get there. No problem we go in and start setting up the game stations to begin the night of games and movies typical stuff.

We did it’s around 10 p.m. When we have everything set up and slight rain had subsided, so we opened up the window to cool the room a bit. The backyard is dark and i mean dark. It leads straight into the woods beside the small shack in my yard, but it never bothered us because we were halfway through our movie.

When i and joe both heard a faint metallic-like sound coming from the woods which caused joe to pause the movie and ask if i had heard the noise i said i had so, we had listened for a moment and heard it again, but it sounded closer.

It was windy, so i blamed it on the wind and plus we have a tin roof, but we resumed the movie and kind of forgot about it until about 30 minutes later, when we heard it again, but this time much louder than before, it sounded like someone Hitting a metal baseball bat against a tree, so i paused the movie again and i and joe just look at each other and decide to stay, quiet and turn the lights down and take a look out the window.

We saw nothing but keep hearing it move around. The wood so to speak. We started getting a little freaked out but turned the movie back on and lowered the volume, mostly as a ploy to act as if we were ignoring it again.

But we were really listening intently to the outside noises and the sound quickly stopped. They now transitioned to the side of my house. Just under the opened window we frozen for what felt like five minutes straight.

We just stared at my window seeing nothing but the darkness and slight glow of the floodlight coming from outside the house. We soon shaw’s, shadow in the light and then all at once the light shook and went out.


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