Country Music Artist Riley Green Bags Massive Buck in Illinois



Country music singer Riley Green has been enjoying plenty of success this hunting season, and might have a pretty lofty taxidermy bill to show for it when it’s all said and done!

After sealing the deal on an impressive Illinois whitetail buck, Green posted a photo showing him posing with the deer on his Instagram.

“Tagged out in Illinois,” he wrote. “What an awesome day out in the middle of nowhere.”

Green’s Busy Hunting Season

The ‘duck man’ – as his name appears on Instagram –  has really been on his game this fall, also tagging out on other nice bucks in Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Kentucky. Check out the photos below:





This hunt was featured in an episode of “Realtree Road Trips” on YouTube. So take a look at the photo, and then watch how it goes down in the video below:

Despite all the pictures of giant deer on his page, though, Green hasn’t necessarily been spending ALL of his time in the woods this fall. According to, when he’s not sitting on stand hunting whitetails, he and his dad have taken on several projects on his property in Alabama.

“The first day back, me and my dad built a gym in my barn,” Green said. “Then we built a lean-to off the back of it. I bought a tractor when I built my house and my dad’s just been tearin’ it up. Since I’ve been gone I haven’t been on it, so I got to ride my tractor around.”

“Built a garage for some of my cars that don’t run to act like I’m workin’ on ’em,” he also added. “Just a million things that wouldn’t mean anything to anybody else, but to me they’re just a peace of mind to know, man, I’ve got that done, you know.”

Earlier this month, Riley Green premiered the official music video for his latest hit “If It Wasn’t For Trucks.” If you haven’t heard it yet, give it a listen below. This one is definitely getting added to my pre-hunt playlist!

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