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The infamous Ramen Bomb Review: it’s all the rage in the backpacking community, but is the Ramen Bomb really any good?

I FINALLY Got around to making some of the suggestions everyone gave me in the comments below! Are you ready for THE RAMEN BOMB REMIX?!?!
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If you’ve spent any amount of time in the backpacking community you’ve likely heard of the Ramen Bomb. The question is: is it all that it’s made out to be? In this review, I make (for the first time) this backpacking meal and test the Ramen Bomb out in the backcountry of Canada.

Without a doubt, the Ramen Bomb has some amazing pro’s as far as backpacking meals go. First, it’s a VERY affordable option (less than $5 in most places). Second, it really is quite tasty! Third, the Ramen Bomb offers a powerful punch in calories and protein, more than most backpacking meals!
The downside, however, is it’s a lot of food! Perhaps too much, it’d be better if it was proportioned at home and you only made half on the trail. Furthermore, while the Ramen Bomb IS tasty, it’s not something you’d want to eat repeatedly, and it definitely is lacking in pretty much all other nutritional considerations.
But that won’t stop me from bringing it and making it again!

Thanks for watching!
What’s your favorite backpacking meal?

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