Giant Urban Buck Devours Pumpkins in Nest Cam Footage



To the hunters out there wondering if those questionable-looking pumpkins on your front porch are good for baiting deer, this monster buck just answered all of your questions.

If you still have your fall decor up, this video may inspire you to keep it up for a little while longer!

Jason Pittenger, a resident of Birmingham, Michigan, recently captured video on a Nest camera of a giant urban buck waltzing up to his house and devouring the jack-o-lanterns that were decorating the front porch. The buck stands on the porch for around 12 minutes, capitalizing on a scrumptious fall snack.

It may not be a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, but this deer certainly enjoyed it!

For those not familiar, Birmingham, Michigan is a suburb of northern Detroit located in south east Oakland County.

It’s a largely urban area with small patches of woods, parks and golf courses sprinkled in here and there. In fact, after this video was posted on Facebook, there were several others who live in the area who chimed in on the video claiming they saw the same buck before. It’s not just the massive antlers that identify this deer, either. He also seems to be dealing with an injury to his front leg, but he seems to be dealing with it alright. Deer are incredibly tough animals, plus if he’s living somewhere near the city, there’s less of a chance he’ll be preyed on by coyotes. Given the fact this deer has made it through a whole winter with his bum leg, my guess is he’ll be alright. Perhaps a little slow with his limp, but fine, nonetheless.

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