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There is no outdoor adventure where you shouldn’t have a flashlight along. Even if you’re not planning on being out after dark, it can happen, and you never want to be left out in the dark. Modern flashlights are more compact and powerful than ever before, but how do you know you got the best flashlight for the money? Here are some of the best flashlights we have found for your outdoor adventures.

1. Streamlight Pro Tac HL-X – Editor’s Pick

We’ve been big fans of Streamlight’s compact flashlights. The Pro Tac HL-X is a dual fuel flashlight, meaning it can run on Streamlight’s rechargeable battery, or two CR123 batteries. The Streamlight Pro Tac HL-X flashlight produces 1000 lumens of brightness with a strobe feature and military-grade aluminum construction. The rear switch is programmable with three different factory settings for different uses. We have used Streamlight flashlights in the past and have been thoroughly impressed. The brightness and battery life is simply amazing.  The compact size of this flashlight makes it perfect for fishing, hunting, camping and everyday use.

Pros/Very bright and compact. Can run on more than one power source.

Cons/Small size means it can get lost easier.

Bottom Line/One of our favorite compact LED flashlights.

2. Pelican 7620

The Pelican 7620 light is compatible with 2 AA, 2 CR123, 3 CR123, or the Pelican 18650 lithium ion rechargeable battery. This gives you choices to power up this light with whatever battery you can get your hands on. The 7620 has high, strobe, medium and low mode options that can be programmed in five different combinations. The flashlight has a full-time battery level indicator, too. The Pelican 7620 light produces 1124 lumens and has an aluminum body that has the legendary toughness Pelican is known for.

Pros/Bright and tough. Uses multiple battery options.

Cons/Marketed as tactical, even though it’s great for outdoorsmen

Bottom Line/Amazing light!

3. SureFire G2X

SureFire’s G2X LED flashlight has virtually indestructible, high-efficiency LED emitters with 600 lumens of maximum output helped by precision reflectors. The Nitrolon polymer construction is extremely durable and stays in your hand thanks to the soft feel that holds up in both hot and cold weather. This is a very affordable flashlight and it’s small size makes it a great option for your glove compartment, boat or backpack.

Pros/Light weight and compact.

Cons/Only non-aluminum bodied flashlight on this list.

Bottom Line/Light, bright and affordable SureFire light.

4. iProtec Outdoorsmen 2400 – Best Buy

Extremely powerful and amazingly affordable, the iProtec Outdoorsman 2400 is a flashlight you simply should own. It is powered by nine AA batteries and produces a whopping 2,400 lumens of bright, white light. It has a 16X zoom that lets it be useful out to 400 meters, making it a great light to have on hand for just about any outdoor activity. It has a strong aluminum body that is waterproof and durable. And for under $50, there’s no reason not to buy one.

Pros/Super Bright and powerful.

Cons/Only light that doesn’t use Lithium-Ion battery power

Bottom Line/You should buy one. Maybe two.

5. Maglite ML300LX LED

Before LED technology exploded, Maglite was “The” flashlight to have. The latest Maglite flashlights have LED bulbs. The ML300LX has Momentary, Full Power, Low Power, ECO and Strobe functionality. At full-power, it will produce 625 lumens. The three D-cell battery model will run for hours of constant use. The best part is, the new Maglite flashlights still have that classic feel, however updated. It can be used as a club if need be, in case you need to thump a salmon on the head once you get it into the boat.

Pros/Heavy-duty. Can double as a club.

Cons/Not as bright as other flashlights.

Bottom Line/If you liked the original Maglite, you’ll love this one.

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