Police Officer Killed by Rooster’s Blade During Cockfight Raid



Here’s one you definitely don’t hear every day; a police officer in the Philippines died during a raid on an illegal cockfighting event when one of the roosters with a blade attached to its leg attacked the cop and caused a fatal wound.

The incident transpired Tuesday, Fox reports, while police were attempting to shut down the illegal cockfight being held in Northern Samar. Cockfighting is actually legal in the region on Sundays and on certain holidays, however due to COVID, all events have been outlawed for the entire year.

Officials reported that Lieutenant Christian Bolok encountered the rooster while collecting evidence. Apparently there was a bit of a skirmish, and the bird managed to cut the officer’s leg with a steel razor blade that had been attached to its leg. The blade sliced through Bolok’s femoral artery, ultimately causing him to bleed out.

Colonel Arnel Apud, police chief for the local police department, described the freak accident as “a piece of bad luck” in a statement with the AFP news agency.

“I could not believe it when it was first reported to me. This is the first time in my 25 years as a policeman that I lost a man due to a fighting cock’s spur,” the colonel explained.

Officer Bolok was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, but rescue efforts were unsuccessful as he was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

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