Last Frame: Burrow Dustup

Outdoor Photography

Photo By Barb D’Arpino

“One of my favorite subjects to photograph are burrowing owlets,” says Barb D’Arpino. “They’re one of the easier owls to photograph because they’re diurnal, which means they hunt during the day and night, which allows for more opportunities than nocturnal owls. 

“I arrived at the site before sunrise, and the owls were beginning to stir. I sat on the ground to be at their eye level and stayed a respectful distance away so as not to disturb them. I was focused on this owlet when I noticed that mom was kicking sand and debris out of their burrow. I was surprised the owlet didn’t move out of the way, but I was happy to photograph the scene.”

Canon EOS-1D X, Canon EF 500mm f/4L IS II USM, Manfrotto tripod, Jobu Jr. ballhead. Exposure: 1/800 sec., ƒ/4, ISO 1250.

See more of Barb D’Arpino’s work on Instagram @barb_darpino.

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