Dometic Waeco CFX 40W Fridge

0:20 – Dimensions
0:41 – Materials
0:57 – Detachable lid
1:14 – Inside the fridge
1:54 – How many cans/bottles fit?
2:03 – Control panel
2:16 – Temperature range
2:32 – Battery protection
2:45 – Compressor + override switch
3:38 – Power inlets
4:02 – Weight + insulated cover

A family sized fridge for those longer trips away, the Dometic Waeco CFX 40W Fridge is a reliable unit that’ll keep your food and drinks chilled on your expeditions.

This fridge features CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation, a genuine Waeco compressor, 3 stage battery protection, a dimmable display and cooling performance from +10°C to -22°C in all weather conditions with a perfect balance of volume and size for your vehicle.

In this video, our caravanning expert Kevin takes us through all the specs and features of the Dometic Waeco CFX 40W Fridge.

He demonstrates the detachable lid, how to use the control panel, and tells us how the 3 stage battery protection system works, what the draw of the genuine Waeco compressor is, when you need to use the emergency override switch, plus more!

Check out the Waeco Dometic Waeco CFX 40W Fridge + Cover at Snowys:

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