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4 day truck camping, cooking lots of food and very little bushcraft this time. It took a few days to find a new friend for our horse. To keep an eye on her, I camped in the field until we found one. Thing is, she gets spooked by a moose family that comes into the field sometimes and does a runner. This was the perfect time to try a new foldable smoker I was sent by Winnerwell. 2 years ago I made a video of their stove and they liked it, so they sent me a few things to try out. So you know this is not a product review but rather a good long test. Smoking food is very fun but it can take time. Since I had plenty of it on those 4 days watching the horse, it was the perfect timing to try this smoker and see what it can do. I had a blast watching that thing smoke, very relaxing.
On the last video I bushcrafted a tripod smoker and dried some meat on my campfire. I realize a lot of you are not allowed to make campfires at all where you live, so this smoker is a good alternative for smoking meat in sensitive or restricted areas/campsites. I show on the video how you can make beef jerky, smoke some ribs and even bake with it. I rarely do product videos, but when I do, I like to cherry pick a product I think can be useful and show what it can do. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did trying it out. Thanks for watching – Ric

If you are interested in trying the fastfold smoker you can find it here:
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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION ( from their website )
Winnerwell® Fastfold Smoker Large

– Compatible with Winnerwell® Woodlander or Nomad Series L-sized Stoves
– The superb quality Fastfold Smoker is perfect for tailgating, hunting, fishing, camping, the backyard, the patio and more. It can cook all kinds of food including vegetables, beef, pork, chicken, ribs, seafood, fish, large cuts of meat, and whole birds. With this multi-functional smoker, you can make a feast and enjoy outdoor get-together with your family!
-It is designed to sit on top of Winnerwell® Woodlander or Nomad series Large stoves, or on a gas burner, it can also be used as a free-standing smoker.

– It can be folded completed flat for compact storage and easy carrying.
– It is equipped with a thermometer to keep you informed about the chamber temperature.
– The smoking chamber provides plenty of space for smoking your food.
– Through the glass window, you can keep an eye on the food inside.
– The net racks can be removed for smoking whole birds or large cuts of meat.
– Stainless steel material allows for easy clean-up and maintenance after use.

Material: AISI304
Storage Dimension: 650(L) x 315(W) x 100(H) mm / 25.6(L) x 12.4(W) x 3.9(H) in
Assembly Dimension: 365(L) x 340(W) x 730(H) mm / 14.4(L) x 13.4(W) x 28.7(H) in
Net Weight: 9.5kg / 20.9lbs

– Function as a Hot Smoker
1. Use it on the stove. Remove the top lid of the stove, the charcoal inside the stove firebox will supply heat to the smoking wood tray inside the smoker. If use a large piece of smoking wood or some bigger pieces of wood chip in the firebox, the smoking wood tray can be removed, the smoke could go through the opening directly.
2. Use over a gas burner. The gas burner provides heat to the smoking wood tray, idea for camping / wilderness use.
– Function as a Warm Smoker
No external heat sources are needed. Light the smoking wood on the smoking wood tray and start the smoking process at a low temperature level.
– Function as an Oven
Use it on a Winnerwell L-sized stove as an Oven. When the wood inside the stove firebox is burned into charcoal, remove the top lid of the stove and install the smoker, remove the smoking wood tray inside the smoker, place food such as pizzas, beef, pork, chicken, ribs, etc directly on the net rack for baking as a charcoal Oven.

For open-air environment with natural ventilation only. It may cause monoxide poisoning when using it in a narrow space or a place with poor ventilation. It may also cause fire, oxygen deficiency etc.
When use the smoker on the stove, pegs are the must to fix the stove legs to the ground to reinforce the stability and to avoid the risk of the stove toppling.
Please wear heat-resistant gloves in the whole process of using the smoker.

– To start the use of the smoker on the stove, please keep the door air vent on the stove and the airflow controller pipe section in the CLOSED position.
– You can please adjust and control the temperature according to your taste. Keep the pan full of water to maintain temperature. The water will help absorb the heat and regulate the temperature. Higher temperature and longer smoking time for dry food, lower temperature and shorter smoking time for juicy food.
– Smoke can be controlled by adjusting the Airflow Controller pipe section on the stove. Please keep the handle of this pipe section towards the side position to avoid possible scalds.

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