CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Black Bear Wakes Sleeping Man by His Pool



Ahhh, it’s finally the weekend and you’re probably looking forward to spending some time outside, soaking up the last bits of summer we have left. That’s likely what this man in Massachusetts was going for last weekend when he fell asleep by his backyard pool, until he woke up to see a black bear standing right beside him!

Matt Bete was taking a poolside snooze last Saturday at his home in Greenfield, when a black bear unknowingly sauntered into his yard through an open gate.

While Matt was sawing logs, the bear heads right for the pool and appears to test the temperature of the water a little. Then, the bear takes notice of Matt asleep on the lounge chair behind him, and moves in for closer inspection. The bear gives his foot a whiff, and then nudges Matt with its paw. This causes Matt to wake up, however it seems like it takes a moment for him to realize he’s not dreaming.

No, that really was a bear in your yard, sir!

The bear appears almost confused by Matt’s reaction, (or lack thereof) and comes back for one last look before turning and leaving for good.

The man’s wife, Dawn Bete, posted the video to Facebook the following Sunday.

“He wasn’t sure how he should react but knew he couldn’t get up that fast,” she wrote of her husband’s experience. “But at least he had another chair and table between them if needed. Luckily it went running out soon after the encounter.”

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