This DIY Kansas Bowhunting Film is Exactly What You Need to Get Ready for Deer Season



If you’re like me, a good hunting film can captivate you for an entire afternoon. So, if you’re getting the itch like I am during these final days of summer, allow this DIY Kansas bowhunting film to quench your thirst for the chase.

It’s no secret that Kansas is home to some big ol’ whitetail bucks, and in this video, Tyler Jones and K.C. Smith hook up with a real stud!

Follow along as these two bowhunters tackle the ever-challenging public land hunt to pursue a true Kansas trophy:

Public land hunting inevitably comes with a fair share of challenges and frustrations, but when you formulate a plan that comes together perfectly – and it ends with you and a handful of tines – it doesn’t get much better!

Congratulations fellas, way to get the job done.

This film certainly fueled my fire for the upcoming deer season, however, residing in the state of Michigan means I have a little over 3 weeks until I make that cherished climb into my deerstand. I have a nice spot picked out for opening day, with plenty of deer action on the trail cameras we have set up. October can’t get here soon enough!

While waiting patiently, though, I wish all my fellow bowhunters out there the best of luck this season. Stay safe and shoot em’ straight!

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