Ocean Signal RescueMe PLB1

0:08 – What’s included?
0:53 – Weight and dimensions
1:09 – Methods of communication
1:33 – Boat/kayak scenario
1:52 – How to use in hiking scenario
2:24 – Regular testing
2:53 – Registration with AMSA

If you’ve got an off the grid adventure planned, then for your own safety and peace of mind, you should consider taking a RescueMe PLB1 from Ocean Signal along.

This device allows you to notify the global emergency services if you find yourself in grave danger at the press of a button. This PLB is waterproof to 15m and comes with a floatation pouch so it can be used if you venture out onto the water as well as on land.

In this video, Jake talks us through come inside the box, what adventure it’s best used for, the methods of communication it uses, and all the rest of the nifty features of the RescueMe PLB1.

He also shows us how to attach this PLB to your PFD or rucksack, how to test it, and how to activate it if you find yourself in a sticky situation. For a full rundown on the RescueMe PLB1, hit that play button.

And if you want to check out the Ocean Signal RescueMe PLB1, head here:

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