Coast A8R and A9R Rechargeable Penlight: Review

One thing I’ve learned about light and the outdoors over the last few years is that it’s possible to overdo it. Some situations don’t need 500 lumens of light. During a full moon, I find it more enjoyable to go without light as much as possible. Sitting around the campfire is another example. If I just need to grab a beer, I don’t need to harsh everyone’s vibe by turning on a floodlight. These are situations where I only need a small amount of light in my personal space. I don’t need to see 200 feet down the trail. I just need to see what’s right in front of me.

The COAST A8R & A9R Rechargeable Penlights are perfect for a concentrated amount of light in short bursts. The A8R weighs just .4 oz and provides an hour of light. The A9R weighs 2 oz and provides three hours of light. The Pro-Flex Charging Cap is pure genius. It’s simply an end cap that you slide over the light. Charging in the car or at your desk is a snap.

My favorite way to use the A8R is to flip around the clip and attach it to my cap. It weighs almost nothing and is plenty of light for the small tasks that I’m doing in camp around the picnic table. It also works great as a pocket light for the same reason. You don’t even know its there. If you’re looking for a minimally invasive light for camping or backpacking the COAST A8R & A9R Rechargeable Penlights are a good choice.

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