Eric Chesser Whips Up a Batch of Wild Game Snack Sticks on the Hushin Channel



What is your favorite snack to bring with you while hunting?

Every hunter has their own mid-hunt snack preference, and whatever it is, there’s a certain amount of strategy that needs to go into your selection. It should be something you can toss in your backpack and not worry about spilling, but it also MUST be something you can snack on quietly. For me, the optimum treestand snack is some type of jerky or wild game snack sticks because they’re easy to carry, they aren’t messy, and they pack tons of energy for those long sits.

If you’re heading into this year’s hunting season with some leftover meat in your freezer, Eric Chesser from the Hushin YouTube channel has something you might be interested in giving a try. Wild game snack sticks!

If you’re going to give this a go, there’s a couple things you’ll probably need to grab before you get started.

The first is a jerky gun. Now, you can shop around and find many different styles of jerky guns, but here’s a link to the one Eric uses in this video.

The second thing you’ll want to pick up for your snack sticks is some type of jerky seasoning. If you know what flavor you’re looking for, you can simply create your own to taste, or you can order this LEM Backwoods Jerky Variety Pack and experiment with four different delicious flavors. 

Making your own wild game snack sticks may seem like a lot of work, but once you bite into one while sitting on stand, it will be worth every second!

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