Baby Gator Battles Bobcat in Stunned Florida Man’s Backyard



Given all the wild stuff that happens in Florida on a seemingly regular basis, you would think this guy would have had a little more mild reaction to this encounter.

The now viral encounter took place in the backyard of a Port Charlotte, Florida residence. And while this rare moment is pretty cool to witness first hand, I think we can all agree it’s the man’s perhaps slightly overblown reaction that makes the entire video. In fact, this guy’s reaction might put him up there with that dude who saw double rainbows that one time.

You might think this guy has never even laid eyes on either one of these two animals based on his rather colorful commentary.

“I was taking a break from the games to cut a mango when I noticed a bobcat. After a minute of filming a baby, alligator came into frame and they had at it. Mother nature at it’s finest.”

(Warning: language NSFW)

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