CampMaid Dutch Oven Multitool

Here is the all new CampMaid Dutch Oven Multitool. What do you do with a Dutch oven? What do you do with these hot Dutch ovens? You’ve got pliers, wires, hooks…well out of the box already assembled you just unfold this. What good would it do if it didn’t fit every size? It fits every size from a 6 to a 16. All you do is set it down on any Dutch oven lid, dome lid or skillet lid reach down and grab it and it features the first hands free lid holder in 300 years.

Now if that’s all it does how cool is that? Your lid is out of the dirt. Now your food is out of the dirt, your lid is out of the dirt and charcoal still keeps your food warm. As you’re stirring and serving it’s a 3 legged system so it’s incredibly strong.

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