Oztent RS-1S King Single Stretcher

0:18 – Packed weight and dimensions
0:29 – In the bag
0:47 – Setting up the stretcher
1:09 – Adding the end bars
1:55 – Anti-sway bars
2:15 – Materials
2:27 – Dimensions
2:51 – Setting up with the RS-1 swag
4:07 – Trying out the stretcher
4:28 – Adding the Oztrail Mitchell Expedition swag
5:02 – Packing away

If your swag set up could use some extra height, or you want a stretcher that fits perfectly into a RX5 or RV5 tent, look no further than the RS-1S from Oztent.

The RS-1S has some pretty nifty features such as a 200kg weight rating, integrated straps to anchor your swag, anti-sway bars for stability and two of them can fit easily inside a RV5 or RX5 with space left for a walkway in the middle.

In this video, Ben introduces this stretcher, and talks us through what comes in the bag, and how to set the stretcher up. He also secures the RS-1 Swag on top of it, jumps in to see how comfy it is, demos how another brand swag fits on top of the RS-1S, and shows us how to pack it up and put it away properly.

Check out the RS-1S King Single Stretcher from Oztent online at Snowys:

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