How to Choose Trekking Poles

0:17 – Handle options
1:33 – Poles (material + folding mechanisms)
2:42 – Tips and baskets

With some assistance from hiking poles you can walk up and downhill better on difficult terrain, pick up your pace on flat ground, and reduce impact on your joints so you’re less sore for your next day of adventure.

There are so many factors to consider when picking the right trekking poles, so we’ve decided to try and make it a little easier in the video.

We got our team mate Ben, to talk you through the different types of grip, shaft material, locking mechanisms, packability, and tips that are available on our range of hiking poles.

So, if you need some help narrowing down the perfect set of poles for your next backpacking, hiking or travel expedition, then hit that play button above.

Check out the range of hiking poles we have from Black Diamond and Leki online here:

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