Monster Bull Elk Bugles Right at Nearby Fly Fisherman [VIDEO]


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As if escaping into the mountains for some relaxing fly-fishing wasn’t good enough, the angler in today’s video also gets a front-row seat to something every elk hunter wants to see: a real bugle.

The bull must not see the fly fisherman as a threat, because he sure doesn’t seem to pay him any attention.

Thankfully, the angler’s companion starts filming just as the bull begins crossing the stream. Check it out:

Lucky guy. It’s one thing to HEAR an elk bugle in the distance. It’s another thing to actually SEE the elk bugling not 20 feet away from you.

There are a number of reasons an elk bugles like this. Bulls use it as a sign of dominance, to locate other bulls to challenge, and to call cows to him. I suspect he’s trying to call in some cows. Just a hunch. A big boy like this would have a bigger harem than just one cow.

But hey, who knows?

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