Thetford Portapotti 335 Portable Toilet

0:10 – Dimensions
0:40 – Capacity
1:00 – Weight
1:07 – How to use
2:44 – Chemicals

Ideal for your young children, or for motorhomes and caravans that are short on space – the Portapotti 335 ensures a comfortable toileting experience when you’re on the road.

The Portapotti features a 10L holding tank capacity, a manual piston pump, a holding tank level indicator and a hermetically sealed design to keep odours contained – so it’s a functional and compact design.

In this video, Kevin, our gear expert shows us how each feature works, where to add in the chemicals, the correct way to empty it in a caravan park, which chemical additives are used for each part of the toilet, and what carry bag will fit it for transport.

For more details on the Portapotti 335 from Thetford, head over to Snowys here:

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